Wasp .22 Pellets


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Wasp .22 Pellets / Rounds / Ammunition

The wasp .22 air rifle pellets are the ideal pellet for backyard plinking and targets.

Quantity: 250 per tin

Weight: 14.5gr



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7 reviews for Wasp .22 Pellets

  1. mangoelectrics (verified owner)

    Good, but are cheap!

  2. Michael Brown (verified owner)

    good value will buy again

  3. Alan Smith (verified owner)

    Excellent value I cannot find any fault with these pellets

  4. Adrian Morris (verified owner)

    Achieved 5p groups at 40+ yards in my PCP, very accurate if your rifles likes them, which it does

    I’m happy with that!

  5. Gordon Rhodes

    Shoots good in all my discharges will buy more ,good groping

  6. Gordon Rhodes

    Shoots good in all my precharges will buy more ,good groping

  7. Michael Brown (verified owner)

    good budget pellet

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