Air Arms Diabolo Field 4.52


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Air Arms Diabolo Field .177

When only the best will do, choose Air Arms pellets. Consistency and accuracy are the key to successful shooting and the Air Arms Diablo Field delivers both in abundance. Stringent controls ensure that the pellets are produced to the highest standards, giving you confidence with that all important shot. A very popular choice with both target shooters and hunters and a good all round performing pellet.

Tins of  500

4.52mm – 8.4gr


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4 reviews for Air Arms Diabolo Field 4.52

  1. Bruce

    These Air Arms 4.52 are the ones for my rifle without question. I’m shooting Air Arms S400 for FT and the lighter pellets just don’t have the range and the heavier ones (over 10gr) haven’t got the right ballistic coeffecient. These pellets are spot on however, and the barrel loves them, and as they say, when you find a pellet which works stick with it. The pellets are well balanced and give excellent combination of power and range, and the consistency of quality tin to tin, a lot better than I’ve found with JSB. These are better shaped anyway.

  2. Frank

    I like the pellets, very nice quality no bent skirts no lead debris in tin etc Just not quite right for my HW95K barrel. Might try the 4.51 as the pellets are good

  3. David Passey

    My go-to pellet. Always received well packed and in top condition from The Wolfman.
    These seem to be the best suited pellet for my S410 giving really tight groups out to 40yds.

  4. Derek Aunger Aunger (verified owner)

    Just gone to .177 using an Air Arms HFT 500 rifle and these pellets shoot like a dream. No duff skirts and everyone , so far has been good. recommended.

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