RWS Superfield Ultra Heavy .177


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RWS Superfield Ultra Heavy .177

RWS is expanding the Field Line by adding a new air rifle pellet which is perfectly suited for hunting at longer distances and for field target sports. The RWS Superfield Ultra Heavy round nose air gun pellet maintains a stable trajectory even with side wind. Group sizes of under 2.5 cm at 50 m testify to its excellent accuracy.

Tins of 500

4.5mm – 9.7gr


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3 reviews for RWS Superfield Ultra Heavy .177

  1. Salv licata (verified owner)

    Just got these
    Great groups , nice clean pellets, consistent!
    Great alternative to the more expensive jsb10.3 I usually use.
    Through hw100

  2. steven LOWRIE (verified owner)

    Brilliant pellet..accurate through my rotex rm8..Great value pellet

  3. Robert Nelson (verified owner)

    Better than the standard super field with a great intermediate weight, would change name though to just ultras as ultra heavy gives impression they are a really heavy pellet! Use them on windy days instead of the super domes. Priced to be affordable in good qualities was using h&n FTT and jsb’s but price of jsb got very silly and h&n a harder compound so these are great.

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