DonnyFL FX Airgun Pro Silencer


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DonnyFL FX Airgun Pro Silencer

Moderators and Silencers can not be shipped to home addresses via postal services. These can only be delivered by our own couriers. On delivery, we will need to see a valid Photo ID.

Built in collaboration with FX Airguns the airgun pro silencer offers maximum performance in a compact package.

Available in .22-25 & .25-30
Precision cncd
Approx weight 4.5 oz
Mono-core design to increase accuracy and limit the chances of pellet clipping
Sand blasted and anodized for maximum durability
Comes pre-wrapped in felt
Customizable – you can further dampen the sound
Take apart in less than 10 seconds

DonnyFL would recommend going a size up when choosing your moderator. For example, if youre looking for a .177 DonnyFL would recommend using a .22. or if you’re looking .25, you should opt for a .30

*If you see white lines on the inside of the front cap, that’s ok. Those were caused by the prongs holding the pieces while anodizing. They are not pellet clippings.

For Airgun use only


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