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The Wolfman Store offers a choice selection of BB guns at competitive prices with free UK delivery. We stock the most popular options to suit everyone from novice to veteran; if you are searching to purchase a particular BB weapon that isn’t here – contact us for assistance.



BB Guns are pistols and rifles that utilise ball bearing rounds instead of pellets. Most air guns are capable of firing one ammo type or another. However, there are also hybrid weapons capable of supporting both BB & pellet rounds, although they are less commonly available.


Not sure which ammunition fits your needs? Here is a brief breakdown of the different selling points offered by pellets and ball bearings:
• Ball Bearings come in a perfectly round, spherical shape.
• BB bullets can be composed of plastic or metal.
• Generally, BB slugs are only available in a calibre of .177
• No barrel rifling.
• Pellets are shaped much more like a traditional bullet, typically with a domed head.
• Pellets are significantly more aerodynamic than BB’s.
• Pellets are much less likely to ricochet due to shape and component material.
• Multiple calibres available: .177, .22 & more.
• Barrel rifling is included for spin, which improves accuracy.


Some of the leading manufacturers of BB guns are Umarex and their replicas. They make a huge selection of Glock, Colt and Heckler and Koch BB guns, which are of an exceptional quality and standard, which look and feel like the real thing. Some of the best are the Glock 19 and the Colt SAA Peacemaker.


BB Airguns follow the same rules as regular air guns. You have to be over 18 to purchase any BB airgun or ammunition. They also must be under the legal limit of 12ft/lbs for rifles and 6ft/lbs for pistols. The full and comprehensive list of laws and regulations to follow can be found on the BASC website here.

What is the difference between airsoft guns and BB guns UK?

In the UK, the defining difference between airsoft guns and BB guns lies in the type of ammunition they use and their intended purposes. BB guns fire metal BBs or pellets and are typically designed for target shooting and hunting, delivering a more authentic shooting experience. In contrast, airsoft guns utilise plastic pellets and are predominantly used for sports and gaming, offering a safer and more recreational approach to shooting activities.
Furthermore, despite airsoft equipment often being designed to resemble real firearms closely, they can appear more toy-like compared to BB guns, making airsoft guns and accessories particularly suitable for those engaging in shooting sports where a more playful and less intimidating appearance is preferred.

Can you use a BB gun for airsoft?

No, BB guns are not suitable for airsoft enthusiasts. They use metal BBs or pellets, which can cause harm when used in airsoft games designed for safety with plastic pellets. It’s important to use the appropriate gun for each activity.

Can I use BB guns in public areas in the UK?

No, it is illegal and unsafe to use BB guns in public areas in the UK. BB guns should only be used on private property with the owner’s permission or at designated shooting ranges. Using them in public spaces can lead to legal consequences and safety issues.

Do I need a license in the UK to own a BB gun?

Generally, you do not need a license to own a BB gun in the UK if it falls within the legal power limits. However, if you plan to acquire a more powerful airgun, such as a high-powered air rifle, you may need a firearm certificate. Always verify local regulations and seek proper guidance when in doubt.

Can I safely shoot a BB gun in my garden?

Shooting a BB gun in your garden can be safe if you follow strict safety guidelines. Ensure that your garden is securely fenced and that you have a proper backstop to catch BB pellets. Additionally, inform your neighbours and maintain a safe distance from any public areas or roads.

Where can I find cheap BB guns in the UK?

There are several reputable online and physical stores in the UK where you can find affordable BB guns. Websites like The Wolfman offer a range of options from leading manufacturers worldwide at competitive prices and offers free UK shipping. Be sure to check customer reviews and compare prices before making a purchase.

Air Gun Delivery Info

Airgun Home Delivery

Here at The Wolfman, we are proud in offering Free Delivery on all air guns to mainland England and Wales. All orders placed before 5pm on Tuesday will be fulfilled that weekend. Almost all deliveries will take place on Saturday or Sunday. Please note we do not deliver to Scotland, Northern Ireland or offshore locations.

All deliveries within the UK must happen face-to-face. The person who orders the item, must be the same person to receive the item when we deliver it. They must also provide a valid Photo ID – we will only accept a Driving Licence or Passport. You must be over 18 to purchase any air gun or ammunition.

RFD Delivery

We offer RFD delivery as an alternative to our normal Airgun Home Delivery service. With our comprehensive network of RFD’s located throughout England, Scotland and Wales, we can deliver your gun to them, allowing you to collect at your convenience.

As this is a service provided as a favour from your local gun shop, they charge a booking in and collection fee for handover, normally £25, payable on collection of your gun.

For any customers in Scotland, please ensure you have your Airgun permit prior to purchasing.

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Our Loyalty Point Scheme

Every account that is registered with us will immediately begin to gain points.

You will receive one point for every £1 spent. No matter how many you have saved, you can use these at any time and for any order value