Airgun Maintenance Basics

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Airguns bring great enjoyment, whether using it for casual target practice, pest control, or hunting small game. However, like any precision instrument, proper maintenance is essential to keep your airgun shooting accurately and reliably for years to come. 

By following the basics on maintenance of airguns, you can avoid common issues and extend your airgun’s working life.

Airgun Cleaning

Regular cleaning is crucial for optimal airgun function. Each time you finish shooting your airgun, it’s good practice to wipe down all external surfaces with a silicone cloth or patch lightly oiled with airgun oil. Pay particular attention to the barrel and breech, where propellant residues and dirt accumulate.

Approximately every 500-1000 shots, or whenever accuracy declines, a deep clean is recommended. This involves cleaning the barrel with a pull-through bore snake or cleaning rod with cotton patches wetted with solvent. Follow up with dry patches until they come out clean. The breach should also be cleaned thoroughly with a cotton bud and solvent.


Lubrication is vital for protection from corrosion. After cleaning, apply a thin coat of quality airgun oil to all metal parts – bolt probes, trigger assemblies, valves, hinge pins, barrels etc. 

Wipe away any excess and avoid over-oiling, which attracts dirt. 

Also, oil your pellets for easier loading and to improve barrel life. Many airgun oils now come with precision needle applicators that let you place a tiny drop exactly where needed.

Pellet Care

Pay close attention to how you store, handle and load pellets. Use pellet tins rather than boxes, which can deform pellets and impair accuracy. Never use damaged, dented or deformed pellets. Fingers can easily damage a pellet’s shape when handling, so use pellet pens or forceps instead.

Seat pellets properly against the breech for consistency. If accuracy declines, consider trying a new batch of pellets – they may have become damaged over time.

Safety and Function Checks

Routinely perform basic safety and function checks on your airgun: 

  • Make sure the safety works properly and disengages during firing.
  •  Check the trigger pull weight and adjust if needed. 
  • Confirm proper pellet loading, firing and cycling. 
  • Visually inspect for damage. Chronograph muzzle velocities periodically to check power consistency.
  • Listen for any air leaks while charging pneumatic models, and have seals replaced if needed. 
  • Check scopes and mounts are secure. 
  • Confirm barrel crowning and clean if damaged. 

Proper maintenance saves money by preventing issues needing repair.


Store your airgun safely when not in use. Ensure it’s unloaded, and use a gun slip, sleeve, case or cabinet for protection. Avoid exposure to moisture or humidity which can corrode metal parts – consider a dehumidifier. Even high quality airguns need proper care for lasting performance. 

Follow these basic guidelines and your airgun will deliver a lifetime of shooting enjoyment.

The Wolfman’s Quality Airguns

Maintenance of airguns may seem complicated to new users, but simply involves regular cleaning, proper lubrication, pellet care, safety checks, and safe storage. With routine care, your airgun will retain pinpoint accuracy and function flawlessly during every shooting session.

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