Are PCP air rifles good for long-range shooting?

By Published On: 12 May 2022Categories: PCP Air Guns

Yes, PCP airguns like the Reximex Ixia are capable of delivering highly accurate shots at distances up to 50 yards when used correctly. They are often used by recreational shooters as well as hunters for their extreme accuracy and power. They are excellent in terms of accuracy over long distances for several reasons: they create very little recoil, they can be fitted with scopes, and can feature muzzle velocity adjustment.

Related FAQs

1) What type of power source do PCP airguns use?

PCP rifles are powered by a compressed-air reservoir that is either built into the gun or attaches to it. This reservoir can be filled with high-pressure air from an external pump, SCUBA tank, or hand pump. The air pressure used is usually between 2,000 and 4,500 pounds per square inch (psi). While PCP airguns are best at short and medium distances, they can have adjustable firing pressure, meaning that they can be good for long-range shooting too.

2) How much recoil do PCP airguns have?

PCP airgun models have very little recoil because they don’t rely on a physical movement like a spring to propel their pellets. The lack of recoil makes for a more comfortable long-range shooting experience.

3) Are PCP airguns suitable for hunting over long distances?

Yes, PCP airguns are suitable for hunting small game such as rabbits and birds when the correct power level is selected. Some models can reach velocities of up to 1,000 feet per second (FPS), making them powerful enough to take down prey with a single shot, even from a distance.

4) What type of optics can I use on PCP airguns?

Most PCP airgun models have 11mm or 22mm rails which allows them to be fitted with scopes, reflex sights, or red dot sights. This allows for precise aiming over long distances.

5) How far can a PCP airgun shoot?

When combined with the right optics, they can be incredibly accurate over distances of up to 200 yards or more. With practice and the proper accessories, a shooter can use a PCP airgun to take down targets at even greater distances.

6) What other accessories are recommended for PCP airguns?

Many different accessories can be used with a PCP airgun to improve accuracy and performance. These include scopes, slings, bipods, suppressors, and targets among others. Additionally, spare magazines can be useful for quickly reloading during target practice or hunting trips. Choosing the right accessories depends on the purpose of the gun and personal preferences.

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