Are PCP air rifles more powerful than other kinds?

By Published On: 12 May 2022Categories: PCP Air Guns

All air rifles, from PCP airguns to spring-powered and break-barrel, are limited to a maximum power: 12ft/lbs. In terms of muzzle velocity as measured in feet-per-second (FPS), PCP air rifles like the Kral Empire X are best, whilst also offering accuracy, reliability and consistency.

Air pistols like the Reximex Mito are less powerful than full air rifles.

Related FAQs

1) How much power do PCP air rifles have?

PCP air rifles, like all kinds of airguns, are limited to a maximum power of 12ft/lbs without a licence. This is regulated by law in the UK and often referred to as ‘legal limit’. Many PCP air rifles can achieve velocities between 500fps-1000fps with pellets depending on the manufacturer and model.

2) Are break-barrel air rifles more powerful than PCPs?

This depends on the rifle and legal limit in your country, but typically PCPs are more powerful on average.

3) Are air pistols as powerful as full air rifles?

Air pistols such as the Reximex Mito are less powerful than full-sized air rifles, usually reaching muzzle velocities of 350-400fps. Lower velocity means less power over long distances. In the UK, pistols are limited to 6ft/lbs, so half the power of rifles.

4) What is the difference between PCP and spring-powered air rifles?

PCP air rifles use compressed air to fire each shot, meaning you can take many shots without having to manually cock the gun. Spring-powered rifles require manual cocking for every single shot, making them more laborious to use.

5) How does power affect overall performance of an air rifle?

Generally speaking, the greater the power of an air rifle, the more it will be able to penetrate harder material. However, this is affected by a number of other factors such as weight, wind resistance and pellet selection.

6) Is there an easy way to increase the power of my air rifle?

The most surefire way to increase air rifle power is to purchase a more powerful model. That being said, you may be able to make modifications to your current gun that can boost its performance; many PCP air rifles offer the ability to increase or decrease the power with which they fire.

7) What is a good FPS for target shooting?

Generally speaking, target shooting requires velocities between 500-700fps depending on the distance and type of target. If you want to shoot at longer ranges, you may need higher velocities.

8) Does air rifle power depend on barrel length?

For PCP air rifles, no. PCP air rifle power depends on how much compressed air is released when shooting.

9) Is there a safe way to test the power of an air rifle?

Yes, if you want to measure your air rifle’s power accurately at home then you can use a chronograph which will measure velocity in feet-per-second (FPS). Just be sure to follow all safety protocols when doing so.

10) How long do PCP air rifle tanks last?

Generally speaking, the length of time a tank on a PCP air rifle will last depends on the power settings and model. On average, you can expect to get around 30-400 shots from a full tank at maximum power before needing to refill. However, this may vary depending on your specific gun and usage. Higher power means fewer shots.

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