Are PCP air rifles powerful enough to hunt small game?

By Published On: 12 May 2022Categories: PCP Air Guns

Yes, if used responsibly and within range limits, PCP airguns have enough power to humanely take down small animals such as squirrels and rabbits. It is important to use the correct type and size of pellet, as well as accurate aim in order to ensure successful pest removal.

Related FAQs

1) What types of animals can be hunted with a PCP airgun?

The type and size of game an individual is able to hunt with a PCP air rifle depends on the power and accuracy of the particular gun. Generally speaking, most hunting-grade air rifles will have enough power to take down small game such as squirrels or rabbits humanely, provided that they are used within range limits. Larger game such as deer would require more powerful guns; it is possible to get airguns more powerful than 12ft/lbs, but these require a license.

2) Are PCP airguns safe for pest control in populated areas?

When handled responsibly and with respect for safety laws and regulations, PCP airguns can be safely used in populated areas. So long as the pellets or BBs you fire do not leave your property, it’s fine.

3) Can PCP airguns shoot through walls?

Although PCP airguns have more power than most other types of air guns, they do not have enough power to penetrate through walls or other solid surfaces. Even higher-powered models are unlikely to penetrate through layers of drywall or wood, let alone brick.

4) What types of pellets should I use for hunting small game?

When hunting small game with a PCP airgun, it is important to choose the right type and size of pellet in order to ensure humane kills. Generally speaking, larger calibres such as .22 or .25 are effective, while smaller sizes may only wound or miss altogether. For best results, use pointed pellets specifically designed for hunting.

5) If a squirrel is hit with a PCP air rifle pellet, will it die instantly?

No. Small game such as squirrels will require direct shots to the head or vital organs in order to cause a humane kill.

6) How can I tell if my PCP airgun has enough power for hunting small game?

Generally speaking, if your rifle has at least 11ft/lbs of muzzle energy, it should have enough power for taking down small game. To find out how much power your rifle has, consult the manufacturer’s specifications. 

7) Are PCP airguns the most accurate?

Yes, when combined with a good scope and proper technique, PCP air rifles can be highly accurate. The level of accuracy will vary depending on the make and model (and your level of skill), but in general these guns are capable of consistently hitting targets at close to medium ranges. 

8) What should I do if my PCP airgun is not performing to its full potential?

If your rifle is not shooting as accurately as expected, it may be due to a number of factors. First, check for any mechanical issues such as worn seals. Second, make sure that you are using the correct pellets and keeping them clean and free of debris. Finally, it could be a matter of technique; practice can help improve accuracy over time. Try target shooting as practise if you’re struggling to hit pests/small game.

9) Are there any alternatives to PCP airguns for hunting small game?

Yes, spring-powered and CO2 rifles can also provide enough power to hunt small game.


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