Best .177 Airgun Pellets 2023

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Airgun shooting, as a sport or hobby, is all about precision and performance. These factors can be significantly influenced by the type of ammunition you choose. For many, the .177 pellet stands as the ultimate choice, renowned for its speed and flat trajectory.

At The Wolfman, we stock an extensive range of .177 air gun pellets including pointed, hollow point, flat head, domed and even lead-free choices. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best .177 pellets available in 2023. Read on to discover our top picks for the best .177 pellet for accuracy, target shooting, hunting and more.

1. H&N Field Target Trophy

Enter the world of precision shooting with H&N Field Target Trophy .177, our top choice for the best .177 pellets for accuracy. These medium-weight domed pellets are designed for extraordinary precision, with an aerodynamic form that provides a flat trajectory for medium-range shots.

Their special alloy and lubrication process ensure consistently tight shot groups, minimal lead fouling, and high penetration. Ideal for competition, these pellets are the go-to choice for shooters who require precision and impact in a .177 pellet. They are available in head sizes 4.51 and 4.52.

2. Air Arms Diabolo Field

The Air Arms Diablo Field .177 pellet has made its mark as a top performer, ensuring a successful shooting experience no matter the application. Available in head sizes 4.51 and 4.52, these pellets are the epitome of consistency and reliability, making them the ideal choice for shooters who refuse to compromise on quality.

As you load your airgun with these premium pellets, you’ll feel confident knowing that your shot will reach its target with precision. They are a strong contender for the best .177 pellets for hunting rabbits and other small game, and also deliver excellent performance for competitive shooting.

3. QYS Streamlined

QYS Streamlined 8.48gr .177 pellets bring a legacy of excellence, having been consistently medal-winning in every Olympic Games since 2000. A strong contender for the best .177 pellets for target shooting, they deliver new levels of precision, quality and performance that sets them apart.

Each QYS Streamlined .177 pellet is individually hand inspected, ensuring that only the best make it to your pellet tin. The superb finish and remarkable accuracy of these pellets make them a fantastic choice for high end shooting and casual plinking alike.

4. RWS Superdome

RWS Superdome .177 pellets stand out due to their unique ‘English bulldog’ shape – a round head paired with a ribbed body. This design provides a supremely flat trajectory and accurate shot, making these pellets one of the most popular choices among air rifle enthusiasts.

Whether you’re spending the day at the range honing your skills or simply enjoying some backyard plinking, RWS Superdome pellets deliver reliable performance and precision. They are one of the most popular .177 pellets on the UK market.

5. H&N Excite Econ II

With H&N Excite Econ II, you get more than just a pellet – you get an evolution in performance and value. These lightweight wadcutter-style pellets feature a smooth foot and new head design that provides improved performance over their predecessors. They offer great accuracy for plinking and hobby shooting, and are one of our top choices for the best 177 pellets for CO2 pistols.

H&N Excite Econ II .177 pellets meet all basic requirements without breaking the bank. They are a reliable and cost-effective solution for target shooters looking for a good universal-use ammunition.

6. JSB Hades

JSB Hades .177 pellets are a solid choice for the best .177 pellets for penetration. These pellets feature an aerodynamic shape that ensures maximum accuracy, while the specially designed hollow point head expands on impact, delivering a powerful punch.

When it comes to precision, power, and performance, JSB Hades pellets deliver. They are the perfect choice for shooters who require a pellet that can accurately reach its target with devastating impact. This makes them ideal for pest control and small game hunting, guaranteeing a precise and humane kill every time.

7. Crosman Premier Domed Ultra Magnum

For those who demand the best, Crosman Premier Domed Ultra Magnum .177 pellets deliver. These super heavyweight pellets, weighing in at 10.5gr, offer reliable performance whether you’re target shooting or hunting in the field.

As part of Crosman’s well-regarded pellet range, they embody consistent, reliable performance that shooters have come to expect from the brand. Each pellet is meticulously made, ensuring that you can trust in the quality and precision of your ammunition. Choose Crosman Premier Domed Ultra Magnum .177 pellets and experience the difference that quality can make in your shooting.

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Whether you’re looking for the best .177 pellets for pest control, competitive shooting or plinking, you’ll find it at The Wolfman. If you’re unsure where to start, consider one of our great value sample packs – an excellent way to discover your preferred pellet type.

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