Best .22 Airgun Pellets 2023

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The world of airgun shooting is diverse and fascinating, with each calibre offering unique benefits. .22 airguns are widely favoured for their hard-hitting impact and excellent energy retention, making them ideal for target shooting and small game hunting.

Here at The Wolfman, we carry a fantastic range of high-quality .22 airgun pellets from many well-known industry brands. In this handy guide, we’ll delve into our top picks for the best .22 pellets (UK) in 2023. Keep reading as we reveal the best .22 pellets for hunting rabbits, plinking, competitive shooting and more.

1. H&N Field Target Trophy

H&N Field Target Trophy .22 pellets are a strong contender for the best .22 pellets for accuracy – UK and worldwide. At 14.66gr, these medium-weight domed pellets are engineered for precision and penetration. They boast an aerodynamic profile that guarantees a supremely flat trajectory for medium-range shooting.

Their unique alloy composition and lubrication minimises lead fouling and ensures consistently tight shot groups. Perfect for competition shooting and hunting alike, these pellets are truly a front-runner in the .22 pellets category.

2. Air Arms Diabolo Field

Air Arms Diablo Field .22 pellets are synonymous with consistency and precision. This meticulously designed pellet promises a smooth shooting experience regardless of the application. Available in head sizes 5.51 and 5.52, these pellets are designed to hit their mark accurately every time.

Both beginners and expert shooters alike trust Air Arms Diabolo Field pellets for their excellent performance and reliability. Their performance in both hunting small game and competitive shooting settings makes them a highly versatile choice in the .22 pellets market.

3. RWS Superdome

The RWS Superdome .22 pellet is an embodiment of innovative design and performance. Their distinctive ‘English bulldog’ shape, characterised by a round head and a ribbed body, ensures a flat trajectory and accurate shot. They are a top choice for the best .22 pellets for spring air rifle, CO2 and PCP airgun users alike.

Ideal for recreational plinking, shooting at the range and general target practice, these pellets assure consistent performance and accuracy. Their popularity in the UK market speaks volumes about their quality.

4. Crosman Premier Domed Ultra Magnum

The Crosman Premier Domed Ultra Magnum .22 is a premier pellet designed for shooters who settle for nothing less than the best. These ultra-heavyweight pellets, weighing 14.3gr, guarantee reliable performance and maximum down-range energy in both hunting and target shooting.

As with all Crosman air gun ammunition, their ultra magnum .22 pellets exemplify the top-notch reliability and performance that is synonymous with the brand. Every pellet is crafted using precision tooling, promising an unparalleled degree of quality and consistency from one tin to the next.

5. JSB Hades

JSB Hades .22 pellets feature the aerodynamic design of JSB’s Exact range of ammunition, ensuring exceptional accuracy. Their specially-designed hollow point head expands upon impact, delivering devastating results for hunting and pest control.

Weighing 15.89gr, JSB Hades .22 pellets offer an excellent combination of impact, consistency and precision. They are a great choice for the best .22 pellets for hunting (UK), ensuring a precise and ethical kill with every shot.

6. H&N Baracuda 15

For impact and accuracy, H&N Baracuda 15 stands out in the UK market. These .22 calibre pellets are a versatile choice, ideal for both target practice and pest control. Specially designed for sub-12ftlbs air rifles, they align perfectly with the requirements of UK shooters.

The consistency in weight across each pellet ensures reliable performance in every tin. Each batch is quality-tested for precision, putting 20 shots at a maximum of 21mm CTC on a target at 50m.

7. RWS Superfield

RWS Superfield .22 pellets deliver the impressive level of quality and performance that shooters have come to expect from the RWS name. These domed pellets are heavier than their standard counterparts at 15.9gr – precisely tailored for pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles and pistols.

RWS Superfield pellets are a highly versatile choice for novice and experienced shooters alike. They are perfectly suited to a wide range of shooting applications, from target practice to small game hunting.

8. JSB Exact Jumbo RS

JSB Exact Jumbo RS .22 pellets are a class apart, and one of the most popular pellets on the UK market in 2023. Rigorous hand-picked quality control ensures top-notch product quality and unbeatable accuracy.

The lightest weight domed pellets in the JSB Exact range, their ‘Rapid Speed’ design guarantees high velocity and a flat ballistic curve. They are an excellent choice for target shooting and pest control, offering speed, precision and power.

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