Best Air Rifle for Pest Control (UK) 2023

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There’s no doubt that household and garden pests can make life difficult. They can damage buildings, plants and furniture, spread diseases, and generally cause a lot of stress.

If you’re looking for an efficient, humane way to tackle the problem, it’s worth investing in a good pest control air rifle. Provided you stick to your own property, it’s perfectly legal to shoot pests (such as feral pigeons, rats and rabbits) in the UK.

However, it’s essential to choose a weapon that is both powerful and accurate enough to guarantee a clean kill. Here are our top 10 picks for the best air rifle for pest control.

1. Kral Empire XS

Our top choice for pest control air guns is the Kral Empire XS: an ultra-compact pre-charged pneumatic rifle with a beautiful Turkish walnut stock. This bullpup-style air rifle, available in .22 and .177 calibres, boasts an impressive 11-11.5ft/lbs of power – remarkable considering its small, easy-to-handle size.

The Kral Empire XS features a height-adjustable butt pad and ergonomic pistol grip, which provide added stability when aiming and shooting. The built-in Weaver/Picatinny scope rail allows you to mount your own sights for added long-range accuracy.

2. Gamo Phox

If you’re looking for the best air rifle for rats (UK), the Gamo Phox MK2 is a top contender. This sturdy, 10-shot bolt-action PCP air rifle exerts a powerful 11-11.5ft/lbs of energy – ideal for small pests and vermin.

The Gamo Phox air rifle kit contains everything you need to start shooting in one affordable bundle. As well as the air rifle itself, you’ll receive a 3-9 x 40 scope and mount, high-quality Gamo gun slip and PCP stirrup pump. This great value package is ideal for anyone new to the world of air weapons.

3. Kral NP02

The Kral Puncher NP02 is a compact, high-powered PCP air rifle perfect for pest control. Delivering 11-11.5ft/lbs of power, the .22 calibre model has a 12-shot magazine, while the .177 can fire 14 shots without reloading.

The handsome Turkish walnut stock features a pistol grip and stippling for stability, while the rifled barrel allows for a high level of accuracy. The two-stage adjustable trigger allows the hunter to precisely fine-tune their shot.

4. Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter R Carbine

Air Arms is one of the most trusted names in the shooting industry, known for their world-class air rifles built with cutting-edge technology. The Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter R Carbine, available in walnut, black or laminate, is a shining example of the superior performance we expect from the brand.

This incredible carbine PCP air rifle provides hunters with an unparalleled degree of control and precision. It features a fully adjustable cheek piece and butt pad, two-stage adjustable trigger, ultra-smooth side lever action and a match grade Lothar Walther barrel.

5. BSA R12 CLX Pro Super Carbine

Birmingham-based company BSA Guns have earned a strong reputation for their unwavering commitment to quality. Their new flagship model, the BSA R12 CLX Pro Super Carbine, is a solid choice for the best air rifle for rats and rabbits.

This side lever PCP air rifle, available in .177 or .22 calibre, achieves an impressive 11-11.5ft/lbs of power. It features a 12-shot magazine, shrouded rifled barrel, signature “BSA thumbhole” Minelli stock and improved regulator for incredibly consistent shooting.

6. BSA Ultra CLX

The Ultra CLX, BSA’s popular mid-size sporter, has been meticulously fine-tuned to guarantee maximum precision, reliability and efficiency when hunting. This high-quality bolt action PCP rifle delivers .177 or .22 calibre pellets with a force of 11-11.5ft/lbs.

The BSA Ultra CLX features an anti-double load 12-shot magazine, complete with shot countdown indicator. The fully adjustable trigger and rotary safety catch offer the shooter ultimate control.

7. Crosman 2250 XL

The Crosman 2250 XL is possibly the best budget air rifle for pest control (UK). Also known as the Ratcatcher, this .22 calibre CO2-powered rifle features a rifled steel barrel for precise shooting. It boasts a muzzle energy of 8ft/lbs, which is excellent for the price.

This upgraded version of the popular 2250 is built with an upgraded bolt mechanism for smoother cocking. Ideal for long-range pest control, it comes with a 4 x 32 centre point scope and a strong metal breech for ultra-stable mounting.

8. Gamo Speedster 10x Gen 2

Offering a surprising 11ft/lbs of power in a spring-powered air gun, the Gamo Speedster 10x Gen 2 is the perfect pest control solution for beginners. Designed with accuracy and performance in mind, this .22 calibre air rifle has a 10-shot magazine, two-stage adjustable trigger and break-barrel action.

The Speedster 10x Gen 2 features Gamo’s next generation fast-reload stock compartment for ultra-quick follow up shots. A 3-9 x 40 W1PM scope is also included.

9. Weihrauch HW100 BPK (Bullpup)

Precision, innovation, performance – the three keywords that define the Weihrauch brand. The Weihrauch HW100 Bullpup is a powerful, impeccably crafted PCP air rifle designed for accurate pest control at ranges of up to 50 metres.

This incredible pest control air gun, available in both .22 and .177 calibres, features a 14-shot magazine with side lever action. It is also fitted with Weihrauch’s award-winning match-grade adjustable trigger and a whisper-quiet silencer – perfect for hunting vermin.

10. BSA Scorpion TS

Last on our list is the BSA Scorpion TS, a full-sized PCP air rifle that offers excellent value for money. This updated version of the famous BSA Scorpion comes in .22 or .177 calibre models. It features a smooth bolt action and 10-shot rotary magazine designed for faster loading and consistent shots.

The classic BSA cold hammer forged barrel provides pinpoint precision, while the lightweight synthetic stock helps reduce shooter fatigue.

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