Best Air Rifles for Field Target Shooting (UK) 2023

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Are you an avid field target shooter in the UK looking for a new air rifle for your next hunt? Look no further.

This blog post will delve into the best options currently on the market that are available to purchase within the UK, such as the Weihrauch hW100KT, Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter, and Reximex Ixia, while providing invaluable information about each one and their individual features. 


Introducing the Best Air Rifles for Field Target Shooting in 2023

The market is abundant with choices, and we bring you the top contenders to make your selection process easier. These air rifles boast advanced features such as adjustable butt pads, compact designs, and hammer adjustments that deliver pinpoint accuracy over long distances. 

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned shooter, these air rifles offer superior performance, making them the perfect addition to your collection.


Weihrauch HW100KT

The Weihrauch HW100 is a pre-charge pneumatic (PCP) rifle that has become a favourite for competition and field target shooters due to its superior build quality and accuracy. The HW100KT variant offers numerous features that enhance usability and performance.

Key Features of the HW100KT:


  • Thumb-Hole Stock: Balanced and easy to shoulder, ensuring a comfortable shooting experience.
  • Thick Rubber Butt-Pad: Provides a secure grip and minimises the recoil’s fatiguing effect.
  • Quiet Operation: Recognised as one of the quietest PCP rifles, it is suitable for discreet vermin hunting.
  • Removable Half-Inch UNF Silencer: Further reduces the muzzle report, ensuring stealth.
  • Removable Air Cylinder: Facilitates easy refilling with both air and pellets.


Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter 

The Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter is a high-performance air rifle designed for shooters who demand accuracy, consistency, and reliability. It enhances the shooter’s control with its adjustable cheekpiece and butt pad that aligns with the stock’s semi-match design, offering airgunners unmatched precision. 

S510 R Ultimate Sporter:

  • Air Arms Series 7 Regulator and Valve System: Ensures consistent airflow for precision shooting.
  • High-Performance Ambidextrous Stock: Catering to both left-handed and right-handed shooters, it offers flexibility and comfort.
  • Adjustable Cheek Piece and Butt Pad: Provides a customisable fit for individual shooting preferences, enhancing accuracy and comfort.
  • Accessory Rail and Sling Mounts: Allow for easy attachment of various accessories and slings. 
  • Side Lever Action: Enables fast and smooth reloading, improving the shooting experience.


Reximex Ixia 

The Ixia by Reximex is a versatile air rifle known for its compact bull-pup design. It ensures user comfort in handling, aiming, and portability, and features Reximex’s first regulated PCP mechanism.

Key Features of the Ixia:

  • Compact Bull-Pub Design: Provides ease in carrying and handling.
  • Available in Three Calibres: 177 (4.5mm), .22 (5.5mm), and .25 (6.35mm).
  • Adjustable Butt Pad: Enhances user comfort and aiming capability.
  • Regulator & Hammer Adjustments: Standard features that enhance shot accuracy and stability.
  • Power Adjustment Switch: Allows easy adjustment of muzzle velocity, optimising shot count based on conditions.



BSA introduced the R12 CLX Pro, a side lever, regulated airgun that builds upon the success of the ‘Thumbhole’ version of the R10. This flagship model incorporates the best features from its predecessors and stands out due to its distinguished design and rigorous testing.

Key Features of the R12 CLX Pro:

  • Mono-block Side Lever: A contemporary mechanism that ensures smooth operation.
  • Classic Thumbhole Stock: Continues the tradition of the much-loved design.
  • High-Quality Minelli Stocks: Presented in either walnut or black pepper laminate for aesthetic and durability.
  • British Craftsmanship: Entirely designed, developed, and manufactured at BSA’s Headquarters in Birmingham, England.
  • Rigorous Testing: Over 50,000 test shots were conducted, ensuring top-notch reliability and performance.


Air Arms S410 

The Air Arms S410 stands out as a classic pre-charged pneumatic sporter that is known for its excellence and held in high regard in the airgun community. A blend of meticulous design, precise engineering, and a strong reputation for customer satisfaction, it is a top choice for airgun enthusiasts globally.

Key Features of the Air Arms S410:


  • Accuracy: Recognised for delivering exceptionally precise shots.
  • Reliability: Ensures consistent performance, shot after shot.
  • Bolt-Action, Multi-Shot Format: Offers user-friendly functionality and enhanced shooting experience.
  • High-Performance Results: Field testers and users have reported achieving one-hole groups at considerable distances.
  • Minelli Stock: Beautifully crafted stock that augments the rifle’s performance and aesthetics. 


Reximex Pretensis

The Reximex Pretensis is a full-length sporter rifle equipped with a 260cc air cylinder, ensuring extensive shooting capacity. Its design prioritises user comfort and adjustability, making it versatile for various shooting needs.

Key Features of the Reximex Pretensis:

  • 260cc Air Cylinder: Allows for a remarkable capacity of 120 shots at 200bar.
  • Soft Touch Stock: Offers a comfortable grip for prolonged use.
  • Adjustable Cheek Piece and Butt Pad: Provides customisation for enhanced aiming and handling.
  • Pre-Fitted Swivel Screws: Facilitates easy attachment of accessories.
  • Right-Side Cocking Lever: Ensures smooth and convenient loading.


Kral NP02 

The Kral Puncher NP02 P.C.P air rifle is a stylish and compact firearm available in both .177 and .22 calibre. Crafted with attention to detail, it boasts a combination of aesthetics and functionality that makes it stand out.

Key Features of the Kral Puncher NP02:

  • Available Calibres: Offered in .177 and .22 options.
  • Compact Design: Features a rear air bottle and a front air cylinder.
  • Turkish Walnut Stock: Adds elegance and durability to the rifle.
  • Pistol Grip with Stippling: Enhances grip for a steadier aim.
  • Two Colour Options: The action is available in anodised aluminium glossy black or silver receiver.


Air Arms TX200 HC

The Air Arms TX200HC Mk3 Hunter Carbine is the brand’s best-selling carbine springer, offering a blend of compactness, quality, and performance. It maintains the aesthetics of the TX200 and incorporates high-quality components that have made the TX200 a world champion.

Key Features of the Air Arms TX200HC Mk3 Hunter Carbine:

  • Compact and Purposeful Design: Streamlined aesthetics retained from the TX200, ideal for hunters requiring a more manoeuvrable rifle.
  • Top-Quality Construction: Incorporates the factory-tuned internal components and elegant stock design that are the hallmark of the TX200.
  • Impeccable Metalwork: Demonstrates high-level craftsmanship, contributing to the rifle’s quality and durability.
  • CD Trigger Unit: A computer-designed trigger system that’s sensitive, adjustable, and predictable, providing a high level of control over each shot.


Weihrauch HW97KT 

The Weihrauch HW97KT offers enhanced grip and control, catering to the specific needs of tournament shooters. Its design focuses on stability and accuracy, making it a preferred choice among competitive marksmen.

Key Features of the Weihrauch HW97 KT:

  • Thumbhole Stock: Provides a more extensive grip area, enhancing stability and accuracy during shooting.
  • Adjustable Butt Pad: Offers customisation for better posture during standing and kneeling shots.
  • Underlever Spring Rifle: The HW97’s mechanism is renowned in the world of competitive shooting for its reliability and precision.


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