Best Air Rifles for Small Game Hunting (UK) 2023

By Published On: 16 October 2023Categories: Air Rifle UK

Looking to bag some rabbits, squirrels, or birds on your next hunt? Equipping yourself with the right air rifle is key to a successful small game hunt. Key features you want in a small game air rifle include high accuracy, enough power for clean kills, light weight for carrying, and quiet operation. 


Read on for the best air rifle options for small game hunting this year.


Weihrauch HW100KT 

The pre-charged pneumatic Weihrauch HW100KT is known for its superb accuracy and quality construction. This German-made rifle has a thumb-hole grip that provides excellent balance when shouldering for both left and right-handed shooters. 


In addition, the thick rubber butt pad helps absorb recoil for added comfort during long shooting sessions. Regarded as one of the quietest PCP air rifles available, the HW100KT has a removable half-inch silencer to further reduce the already muted muzzle report, making it an ideal choice for hunting and pest control. 


Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter

Bringing together the best attributes of precision target rifles and hunting guns, the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter sets a new standard for high-end sporting air rifles. This innovative PCP airgun features a fully adjustable cheekpiece and butt pad that works in perfect harmony with the semi-match design of the stock. 


The semi-match style stock design coupled with the adjustable features enable the shooter to consistently achieve the rifle’s full accuracy potential. 


Weihrauch HW100 Bullpup  

The innovative Weihrauch HW100 Bullpup rifle shoots at just under 12 ft/lbs for precise pest control at ranges up to 50 metres. The soft-touch stock incorporates an ergonomic pistol grip for comfort and improved control. The air rifle also comes with a silencer that reduces noise for quiet backyard shooting and pest removal.


Reximex Ixia Compact

The innovative Reximex Ixia Compact PCP air rifle combines outstanding performance with customisable options for the ultimate in versatility. This bullpup-designed air rifle features an adjustable butt pad and stock for optimised fit and handling. Available in .177, .22 and 25 calibres, the Ixia is the first regulated PCP from Reximex, ensuring superb shot consistency. 


Additionally, the adjustable hammer is customisable for maximum accuracy and efficiency, while the 300cc carbon fibre removable air cylinder provides flexibility in shot count. 


Kral NP03 

The Kral NP03 is a feature-packed PCP air rifle perfect for backpackers and small game hunters. With its synthetic stock, adjustable cheekpiece, and butt pad, the NP03 can be customised for a comfortable, accurate shooting experience. 


The ergonomic grip and Picatinny accessory rail complements the fully adjustable stock. Generating just under 12 ft-lbs of muzzle energy, this lightweight, compact air rifle is ideal for carrying in the field. 


BSA R12 CLX Pro Super Carbine

The BSA R12 CLX Pro Super Carbine builds upon the successful R10 model, offering enhanced features without losing the much-loved thumbhole stock. This PCP rifle combines a mono-block side lever action available in walnut or black pepper laminate.


It has been launched in .177 and .22 calibres, but additional calibres are planned. 


Reximex Pretensis 

The Reximex Pretensis PCP air rifle is designed for the sporting shooter. This full-sized rifle features an adjustable cheekpiece and butt pad, allowing a customised fit. The 260cc air cylinder provides up to 120 powerful shots at 200 bar. 


For safety, a manual trigger block is positioned at the rear of the stock. The Pretensis also  comes complete with two multi-shot magazines, a single-shot tray, and a fill probe.


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