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The great thing about buying a new air rifle is the sheer size of the UK market. With a huge variety of PCP, CO2, spring-powered and gas piston air guns to choose from, there’s no need to sacrifice quality for price. Many of the best brands offer a good selection of reliable yet affordable models that won’t break the bank.

Whether you’re getting into target practice, hunting or pest control, you’ll find your perfect air rifle at The Wolfman. We only sell quality products that we’d be happy to use ourselves. In this guide, we’ll share our top 10 picks for the best cheap air rifles under £200.

1. Kral Devil Ultra Carbine Package

First on our list is the Kral Devil Ultra Carbine Package – an attractively priced bundle that comes with everything you need to start shooting. The star of the show is the Kral Devil Ultra Carbine, a full-power .22 spring powered air gun.

This ambidextrous break barrel rifle boasts plenty of useful features, including a ventilated recoil pad, sculptured muzzle break and fibre optic open sights. The fully assembled package also contains a 4×40 scope, mounts, gun bag and pellets.

2. Hatsan 900X Breaker Wood

The Hatsan 900X Breaker Wood .177 air rifle, also available in .22 calibre, is an excellent cheap air gun that makes no sacrifices for its affordability. Featuring a gorgeous ambidextrous beech stock, this spring powered rifle showcases a truly innovative design.

The 900X echoes Hatsan’s Striker range of rifles, but with an added moderator and chequered pistol grip. The recoil-absorbing butt pad, adjustable trigger and micro-adjustable TruGlo sights ensure great precision and control while shooting.

3. Crosman Fire NP

Crosman is one of the world’s leading airgun brands, known for offering their customers superb quality and value. Arguably their best budget air rifle is the Crosman Fire NP, featuring the all new QuietFire over-molded barrel. This allows for 70% quieter shooting than other break barrels, as well as reduced recoil.

This impressive .22 cal nitro piston air gun features a sleek black synthetic stock for an ultra-modern feel. It has a two-stage adjustable trigger and is supplied with a CenterPoint 4x32mm rifle scope.

4. Hatsan AirTact ED

Offering surprising power and accuracy for an unbelievable price, the new Hatsan AirTact ED is a fantastic budget air rifle. Both .177 calibre and .22 calibre editions feature an all-weather tactical-style thumbhole stock with Monte Carlo cheek piece to aid positioning.

Loading and cocking this spring powered air rifle is easy thanks to its break barrel action. The rubber butt pad and chequered grip provide great control and feel, while the integrated sound moderator guarantees a quiet shot. The TruGlo fibre optic sights can be adjusted for windage and elevation.

5. Gamo Whisper X

The outstanding Gamo Whisper X is a compact, medium-range carbine available in .177 and .22 calibre models. This state-of-the-art spring powered air rifle, cheap but powerful at 11ft/lbs, is the very definition of value for money.

The Whisper X is fitted with Gamo’s latest SAT trigger unit and Whisper rifled steel barrel for smooth, accurate and silent shooting. It features an ergonomically designed matte black polymer stock and comes with a Gamo 4×32 scope and mounts.

6. Heckler and Koch MP5K-PDW

The Heckler and Koch MP5 is one of the world’s most widely used submachine guns, adopted by police, military and special units around the globe. Incredibly faithful to the iconic design, the Umarex Heckler and Koch MP5K-PDW is one of the best cheap air rifle replicas on the market.

This .177 calibre CO2-powered BB gun has many features found in the original firearm, including a folding butt and removable compensator with bayonet lock. The robust blowback action produces a realistic recoil when fired.

7. Crosman 2250

If you’re looking for the perfect cheap air rifle for garden pests, the Crosman 2250 Ratcatcher is a great choice. This lightweight, highly manoeuvrable airgun offers a hard-hitting 8ft/lbs of power with no recoil. Its rifled steel barrel guarantees a high degree of precision for one-shot kills.

Achieving 30 full-power shots from one 12g CO2 capsule, the 2250 Ratcatcher is one of Crosman’s most popular air rifles. It features an improved bolt design for easier cocking and loading, and comes with a scope for long-range shooting.

8. Crosman 1077 RepeatAir

The Crosman 1077 RepeatAir .177 is Crosman’s most reliable CO2 powered air rifle. Built to last, this well-made yet cheap multi-shot air rifle promises decades of use for an extremely reasonable price. Choose between a sleek synthetic black stock or a slightly more expensive hardwood stock.

This 12-shot semi-automatic repeater can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger, at speeds of up to 780fps. It features a chequered grip and forearm, cross-bolt safety and a rifled steel barrel for great accuracy. It also comes with a fibre optic front sight and adjustable rear sight.

9. Cometa 220

Cometa are specialists in superior craftsman-built air guns. The Cometa 220, available in both .177 calibre and .22 calibre models, is a fantastic example of the quality workmanship you can expect from this brand. This well built spring powered rifle boasts 11-11.5ft/lbs of muzzle energy, with break barrel action for easy loading.

This spring powered rifle features a beautifully crafted beech stock with a shock-absorbing rubber butt pad. The high precision cold hammer forged barrel gives this spring powered rifle excellent accuracy and durability. It also comes with an adjustable micrometric rear sight.

10. Crosman Shockwave

Last, but by no means least, is the Crosman Shockwave NP QuietFire. This .22 calibre break barrel air rifle is built with nitro piston technology and can shoot at an impressive 950fps. Capable of delivering up to 11.5ft/lbs of power, the Shockwave offers great bang for your buck.

Fitted with Crosman’s QuietFire suppressed barrel for noise reduction and reduced recoil, this powerful air rifle is ideal for small game hunting. It features a fully chequered all-weather synthetic stock and a 4x33mm CenterPoint precision scope.

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