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Whether you’re shooting targets or hunting vermin, it’s important to pick the right air gun ammunition. Your choice of pellet can have an enormous impact on the accuracy and power of your shot. If you want to truly maximise your weapon’s potential, it’s worth investing in the best airgun pellets possible.

Here at The Wolfman, you’ll find a fantastic selection of high-quality air gun pellets for sale. We work exclusively with industry-leading brands such as H&N, Air Arms, JSB and QYS. Here are our top 10 picks for the best all-rounder pellets of 2023.

1. Air Arms Diabolo Field

Manufactured to incredibly high standards, the Air Arms Diabolo Field has earned the top spot on our list. With an aerodynamic round head, this pellet delivers excellent precision, speed and consistency between shots.

A great mid-weight all-rounder, the Air Arms Diabolo Field is perfect for field shooting, target practice and hunting alike. It comes in a variety of calibres and head sizes including .177 (4.51mm and 4.52mm) and .22 (5.51mm and 5.22mm).

2. QYS Streamlined Heavy

QYS are renowned makers of elite, competition-grade air rifle ammunition. If you’re in the market for a superbly crafted, heavy-weight .177 pellet, the QYS Streamlined Heavy is an excellent choice.

Available in both 4.49mm and 4.50mm head sizes, these high-end pellets are individually hand-inspected to ensure pinpoint accuracy. With a weight of 9.56gr, they are ideal for all types of shooting and are particularly suited to high-powered rifles.

3. JSB Exact Diabolo

JSB’s world-class Exact range encompasses some of the most popular airgun pellets in the shooting industry. Among their offerings is the JSB Exact Diabolo, a great all-rounder .177 calibre pellet available in head sizes from 4.50mm to 4.53mm.

Like all Exact products, JSB Exact Diabolo pellets are precisely crafted and undergo a thorough hand-picked quality control process. They are the perfect domed pellets for pest control and target practice (both hobby and competitive),

4. RWS Superfield

RWS Ammunition pride themselves on satisfying the highest demands of hunters and marksmen. Their popular Superfield pellets, which come in .22 and .177 calibre, were created with quality, accuracy and consistency in mind.

Primarily intended for PCP air guns, RWS Superfield pellets are slightly heavier than average. They feature a round head for reliable all-round performance for both hunting and target practice.

5. H&N Field Target Trophy

The H&N Field Target Trophy .177 is the ultimate match-grade pellet for competitive target shooting. The aerodynamic design guarantees maximum precision, impact and penetration for tight shot grouping.

These medium-weight domed pellets are designed to achieve a flat trajectory for medium range shooting. They are made with a special alloy for minimum lead fouling. Additionally, if you’re searching for the best lead-free pellets, they are also available in a ‘green’ tin alloy version.

6. H&N Excite Econ

Another fantastic offering from H&N is the Excite Econ II. This economical, lightweight .177 pellet is perfectly suited to low-powered airguns such as CO2 pistols and springers.

Building on the original Econ, this upgraded wadcutter pellet features an improved design for higher precision. The flat head shape cuts clean holes in paper targets, making this pellet ideal for plinking and recreational shooting.

7. Geco Flat Head

Geco Flat Head .177 air gun pellets offer a fantastic combination of quality and affordability. These lightweight pellets feature a smooth skirted shape and a flat head for all kinds of target shooting.

Developed for beginners and hobby shooters, the Geco Flat Head .177 is produced using a standardised manufacturing process. This allows for a high degree of accuracy at a very attractive price.

8. QYS Domed

The QYS Domed .177 is an excellent mid-weight pellet suited to a wide range of applications. Whether you’re hunting vermin, plinking in the garden or shooting competitively, these domed pellets offer excellent accuracy and wind resistance.

As with all QYS products, QYS Domed .177 pellets are finished to extremely high standards, and are hand-inspected to ensure perfect consistency between batches.

9. JSB Exact Heavy

JSB Exact Heavy .177 pellets are a weightier alternative to the standard Exact diabolos, offering more knockdown power. Clocking in at 10.34gr, they are strong contenders for the best airgun pellets for hunting and long-range shooting.

Like the rest of the Exact range, JSB Exact Heavy pellets are meticulously crafted and hand-picked for superior quality, accuracy and accuracy. They are available in both 4.51mm and 4.52mm.

10. RWS Hobby

If you’re looking for the best air gun pellets for target shooting and plinking, the RWS Hobby is a solid choice. These flathead pellets, featuring a ribbed tail section, are designed to punch a neat hole in the target for easy scoring.

RWS Hobby pellets are ultra-lightweight, ensuring the fastest possible muzzle velocity. Available for both .22 calibre and .177 calibre air guns, they offer good quality and consistency at an affordable price.

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