Biodegradable Airgun Pellets: Are They the Future?

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As airgun enthusiasts, we’re always looking for ways to enjoy our sport while minimising our impact on the environment. One exciting development in recent years has been the rise of biodegradable airgun pellets and BBs.

But what exactly are these eco-friendly alternatives, and could they represent the future of airgun ammunition?

What Are Biodegradable Airgun Pellets?

Biodegradable airgun pellets, also known as “bio” pellets or BBs, are typically made from a combination of polylactic acid (PLA) and other plastics like ABS. PLA is a bioplastic derived from plant sources such as corn starch, potato, wheat, and sugar cane.

Unlike traditional plastic pellets, PLA-based bb pellets will start to degrade at temperatures exceeding 60°C. This makes them “biodegradable”, although complete breakdown usually requires laboratory conditions. Most biodegradable airsoft BBs on the market contain 50-70% PLA.

Are Biodegradable BBs as Good as Regular Ones?

One challenge with biodegradable BBs is that PLA alone lacks the hardness and smoothness required for optimal performance as a BB gun or other type of air gun projectile. BBs made entirely from PLA have struggled to match the accuracy and consistency of their non-biodegradable counterparts.

However, by combining PLA with other materials, manufacturers have been able to create biodegradable pellets and BBs that come close to the performance of traditional ammunition. 

What Are the Benefits of Biodegradable Pellets?

The key advantage of biodegradable airgun pellets is their reduced environmental impact. While they may take several years to fully degrade in natural conditions, the byproducts of this process are non-toxic and harmless to the surroundings.

This is in contrast to traditional lead pellets, which can contaminate soil and water sources if left to accumulate. Choosing biodegradable pellets allows you to enjoy your sport with a clearer conscience.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

One potential drawback of biodegradable pellets is their slightly higher cost compared to regular ammunition. However, many shooters feel this is a small price to pay for a more sustainable shooting experience.

There may also be some minor performance differences between biodegradable and non-biodegradable pellets, particularly in terms of accuracy at long ranges. However, for most recreational shooting and plinking, biodegradable pellets offer more than acceptable performance.

The Future of Airgun Ammunition

As concern for the environment grows, it seems likely that biodegradable airgun pellets will only become more popular in the years ahead. With major brands investing in R&D to create high-performance eco-friendly ammunition, we may soon reach a point where biodegradable is the default choice for many shooters.

Of course, biodegradable pellets are just one part of the equation. By following best practices like always retrieving spent pellets and disposing of them responsibly, we can all do our part to keep our shooting spots clean and minimise our impact on the natural world.

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