Buyer’s Guide to Airgun Accessories and Upgrades

By Published On: 12 December 2023Categories: Air Gun

So you’ve invested in a quality air rifle or pistol for recreational target shooting or pest control. While many factory models perform admirably right out of the box, the right accessories can take your shooting experience to the next level. Upgrading key components or adding handy gear tailored for your needs helps you achieve greater precision, consistency and enjoyment from the sport.

This buyer’s guide covers some of the most popular airgun accessories UK enthusiasts use to boost performance. We’ll look at scopes, bipods, slings, triggers and tuning kits, plus essential maintenance items to keep your gun firing flawlessly for years.

Scopes & Mounts

One of the most impactful airgun accessories is adding a scope for enhanced accuracy at range. A quality optic with fine crosshairs or dots helps you precisely spot bullet impacts on targets. When paired with solid mounting rings or rails that maintain perfect alignment, a scope takes the guesswork out of dialling in the sights.

Match the magnification level to your expected shooting distance. Variable 3-9×40 or 4-16×40 scopes work nicely for hitting paper out to 50 metres and game like rabbits or foxes within 100 metres.


Firing consistent long-range groups is vastly easier using a bipod to stabilise the front of your air rifle. Quality bipods with extendable legs provide rock-solid support in prone or sitting positions, eliminating the wobble that throws off aim. This added steadiness tightens groupings considerably. Pick rigid models with clamp or sling stud attachments to fit common airgun barrel profiles. 


While often overlooked, a proper shooting sling proves invaluable for stabilising any rifle during standing shots. Using a sling adds crucial stability by transferring weight to the skeleton rather than muscles, which tire and waver.

Simple leather or nylon loops are fine, but better two-point tactical slings actively keep the stock anchored into your shoulder for precision, unsupported offhand shots. Use it with a jacket or practise good trigger control to avoid entanglement.

Upgraded Triggers

A crisp, consistent trigger pull improves shooting performance more than almost any other rifle upgrade. Many factory airgun triggers feel gritty or heavy. Replacing these with match-grade aftermarket triggers featuring precision sears and bearings noticeably tightens groups. 

Lighter pull weights between one and two pounds also enhance control for careful squeezing during long aim periods. 

Airgun Tuning & Maintenance

The right accessories enable safely tuning most PCP and spring piston airguns for higher consistency and power. Complete tuning kits include piston seal replacements for boosted shot count along with trigger parts and accuracy-enhancing barrel supports. 

Essential maintenance accessories

Essential maintenance accessories involve items for cleaning barrels and chambers to prevent corrosion, plus silicone oil for lubricating key components. A gauge is also handy for monitoring the remaining pressure in PCP models. Proper periodic maintenance keeps any airgun operating like new.

The Wolfman: Airgun Specialists

Whether you enjoy casually plinking, actively hunt or competing in matches, quality accessories can take your shooting to the next level. 

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