Buyer’s Guide to Airgun Maintenance and Cleaning

By Published On: 12 December 2023Categories: Air Gun, Maintenance

Owning an airgun brings great enjoyment, whether plinking targets or hunting small game. However, like any fine instrument, proper care and maintenance are essential to keep your air rifle or pistol operating accurately for years. 

This guide will walk you through airgun cleaning and care best practices so you can avoid issues and extend your airguns life.

Basic Airgun Cleaning

Regular external wiping and barrel cleaning are the foundation of airgun maintenance. Each session after firing, wipe down all external metal and wood surfaces using a silicone gun cloth or lightly oiled patches. Pay special attention to the barrel and breech, where propellant, dirt and moisture accumulate.

Approximately every 500-1000 shots for spring/gas piston guns or when accuracy declines for PCP models, perform a deep clean. Use a pull-through bore snake or cleaning rod with cotton bore patches wetted with airgun solvent. Scrub the barrel, then follow with dry patches until they come out clean. 

Proper Lubrication

Lubricating airguns after cleaning prevents corrosion and smoothes their function. Use a high-quality airgun oil to lightly coat exposed metal parts, including the bolt probe, trigger assembly, barrel, valve internals and hinge pins. Avoid over-oiling which attracts contaminants. Precision needle oil bottles allow for accurately placing tiny drops on small components.

Pellet Care

How pellets are handled and stored impacts downrange accuracy. Purchase tins instead of boxes, which can deform pellets. Inspect all pellets before loading, and never use damaged or deformed ones. Skin oils can destabilise pellet shapes, so use special pellet forceps or pens for handling. Seat each pellet firmly and consistently in the breech for the best precision. 

Safety and Function Checks

Routinely inspect your airgun to confirm proper operation and identify potential issues early:

  • Confirm the safety works correctly disengaging during firing
  • Ensure the trigger has consistent pull weight
  • Check loading/firing/cycling functions smoothly
  • Inspect for external damage
  • Chronograph velocities to verify power consistency
  • Listen for leaks especially on PCP guns and have seals replaced
  • Verify scope and mounts are secure

Early identification through regular checks reduces costly repairs down the road.

Proper Storage

Keep your air rifle or pistol safely stored when not shooting. Ensure it’s unloaded and utilise a padded gun case, sleeve or cabinet for protection. Avoid exposing the gun to excess moisture which corrodes metal. 

In addition, consider keeping it in a room with a dehumidifier if humidity is an issue. Careful storage preserves accuracy and extends lifespan even for quality models.

The Wolfman’s Outstanding Airguns

Airgun cleaning and maintenance may seem complicated initially, but doesn’t need to be with the right approach. Follow the techniques covered to care for your system properly and identify issues early. This allows enjoying countless sessions plinking targets or hunting pests without headaches from malfunctions or declining accuracy. 


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