Can you adjust the power on a PCP air rifle?

By Published On: 12 May 2022Categories: PCP Air Guns

Yes, many PCP airguns have adjustable power settings that allow you to change the muzzle velocity and accuracy of your shots. Some PCP air rifles have a wheel adjustment, while for others you’ll need tools like a hex wrench to tune them. Be sure to refer to your user guide for specific instructions regarding how to adjust the power on your particular model of gun.

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1) What is a PCP air rifle?

A PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) air rifle is an airgun that requires the shooter to manually fill a reservoir on the gun with pressurized gas, such as high pressure air, in order to fire. This makes them more powerful and precise than other types of airguns.

2) How often do I need to refill the reservoir on my PCP air rifle?

Depending on the size of your gun’s reservoir, you’ll likely have to fill it every 50-100 shots. Larger reservoirs require fewer refills and can last up to 350 shots before needing a refill. However, consultations with an expert are always recommended when determining how many shots you can get out of your PCP air rifle before needing a refill, as it depends on the rifle and power setting.

3) What type of pressurized gas should I use for my PCP air rifle?

Most PCP air rifles are designed to be compatible with high pressure breathing air. You can purchase tanks of these gases at most sporting goods stores, or directly from the manufacturer of your gun.

4) How do I know if my PCP air rifle is adjustable?

Your user guide should indicate whether or not your gun is adjustable. Not all air guns are. If so, it will likely include instructions and tools (like a hex wrench) you’ll need in order to adjust the power settings. Always make sure to be careful when adjusting your air rifle’s power, to ensure it is below the legal power limit. If you aren’t sure, take it to an expert to adjust for you.

5) Does adjusting the power affect accuracy?

Yes, adjusting the power on a PCP air rifle can have a direct impact on accuracy. Lowering the power can give you more consistent and accurate shots, while increasing the power can lead to more spread and reduced accuracy.

6) Can I adjust the power without a tool?

Some PCP air rifles have an adjustable wheel that allows you to increase or decrease the power manually. However, most require taking the rifle apart to adjust the power. If you aren’t sure how, the best thing would be taking it to a gunsmith to adjust it for you.

7) Do I need an expert’s help when making adjustments to my gun’s power settings?

Air rifles that have adjustable power settings are designed so that you can adjust them yourself. That being said, familiarise yourself with your air rifle and its method of power adjustment before trying. If your gun doesn’t have on of these features, we recommend taking it to a gunsmith so they can safely adjust the power settings.

8) Once I’ve adjusted my PCP air rifle, should I expect improved performance?

It depends what you’re looking for. If you’re adjusting your gun’s power settings in order to reduce muzzle velocity and improve accuracy, then yes, it is possible that your performance will improve as a result. If you’re looking to shoot further, then yes, increasing the power will help you do that. That being said, good shooting is a skill, and doesn’t rely solely on the settings of your air rifle.

9) What precautions should I take when adjusting the power on my PCP air rifle?

When making any adjustments to your gun, it’s important that you take all necessary safety precautions, like ensuring that your airgun isn’t loaded and ready to fire! Provided that your airgun itself is safe, however, adjusting the power won’t result in any issues.

10) Can I adjust the power of my PCP air rifle while shooting?

It is possible to adjust the power of your PCP air rifle between shots. Ensure that your airgun isn’t loaded and ready to fire before doing so.

11) Does adjusting the power on a PCP air rifle impact maintenance needs?

Yes, making adjustments to the power of your gun can have an impact on its maintenance requirements. Higher power settings lead to increased wear and tear on the barrel, seals, and other parts of your gun. That being said, airguns require only infrequent maintenance and repair whether firing at full power or not.

12) How do I know when it’s time to adjust the power on my PCP air rifle?

Generally speaking, if you’re having difficulty hitting targets at long distances or find that your shots lack accuracy, then it may be time to adjust the power settings on your PCP air rifle.

13) Is there a limit as to how much I can adjust the power on my PCP air rifle?

Yes, in the UK there are set limits regarding how much you can adjust the power on your airguns. The legal muzzle energy for air rifles is 12ft/lbs without a licence.

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