Do Airgun Cleaning Pellets Work?

By Published On: 8 July 2024Categories: Air Gun Ammunition

You may have heard about felt cleaning pellets and their potential to keep your airgun barrel in top condition. But do these specialised pellets actually work as advertised? 

In this comprehensive review, we dive into the world of airgun cleaning pellets, examining their effectiveness and providing practical insights for UK shooters.

What Are Airgun Cleaning Pellets?

Airgun cleaning pellets, also known as felt pellets, are designed to clean the inside of your airgun barrel without the need for traditional cleaning tools like rods, brushes, or patches. These pellets are typically made from compressed felt or other soft materials that expand when fired, allowing them to scrub the barrel’s rifling and remove any built-up residue.

VFG Cleaning Pellets

One popular example is VFG Cleaning Pellets in .22 calibre. When fired, the pressure and acceleration cause the felt pellet to shrink in length and expand in diameter, creating a high-friction surface that presses into the rifling and follows the barrel’s twist. This ensures that every part of the barrel is reliably cleaned.

How Do You Use Airgun Cleaning Pellets?

Using felt cleaning pellets is a straightforward process. Simply load the pellet into your airgun as you would with a standard lead pellet, and fire it through the barrel. Some shooters recommend inserting a pointed lead pellet behind the felt plug to prevent any fibres from remaining in the barrel.

Cleaning pellets are ideal for a quick clean at the end of a shooting session, as they can swiftly and easily clear the barrel of any debris or residue accumulated during use. They are also convenient to carry with you, making them a handy addition to your airgun accessories.

Are Airgun Cleaning Pellets Suitable for All Airguns?

While felt cleaning pellets can be used in most airguns, it’s essential to consider your specific gun’s requirements: 

  • Springer airguns, which use a spring-powered piston to compress air, can benefit from the use of cleaning pellets. However, it’s crucial not to dry fire your springer, as this can cause damage to the piston seal.
  • PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) airguns use compressed air to propel the pellet and generally require less frequent cleaning. If you do choose to use cleaning pellets in your PCP, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and avoid over-cleaning, which may harm the barrel’s integrity.

Do Airgun Cleaning Pellets Replace Traditional Cleaning Methods?

While airgun cleaning pellets offer a convenient and quick solution for maintaining your barrel, they should not be considered a complete replacement for traditional cleaning methods. Periodically, it’s still essential to use a proper cleaning kit, including a rod, brush, and patches, to thoroughly clean your airgun barrel.

Felt pellets are excellent for removing light fouling and debris, but they may not be as effective at tackling more stubborn buildup or corrosion. In these cases, a more thorough clean with conventional tools and solvents may be necessary.

Do Airgun Cleaning Pellets Work?

Airgun cleaning pellets can be a valuable tool in your airgun maintenance arsenal. They offer a convenient and efficient way to remove light fouling and debris from your barrel, helping to maintain accuracy and prolong the life of your airgun.

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