How many shots can you get from a PCP air rifle tank?

By Published On: 12 May 2022Categories: PCP Air Guns

This depends on the size of the air tank and the power setting of the gun – generally speaking, you can expect to get between 50-100 shots from most standard sized tanks at full power. Be sure to refer to your user guide for specific instructions regarding how many shots are possible with your particular model of PCP airgun.

Related FAQs

1) What is the best way to ensure I get the most shots possible from my PCP air rifle tank?

To maximise the amount of shots you get from your tank, be sure that it is properly filled with air before each use. You can also adjust the power settings, if your airgun is set up to do so; lower power means that the tank will last longer.

2) How long does it typically take for a PCP air rifle tank to refill?

The exact time it takes for an air tank to refill can vary depending on its size and the pressure of available air. Generally speaking, a standard sized tank (up to 13 cubic inches) can take anywhere from 30 seconds up to several minutes in order to achieve full fill pressure with an appropriate compressor.

3) What is the difference between regulated and non-regulated tanks?

Regulated tanks feature an adjustable internal valve that allows you to control the power setting of your gun. This is typically done by adjusting the regulator to control the amount of air that enters the firing chamber when you pull the trigger. Non-regulated tanks lack this adjustable feature and instead rely on a fixed pressure setting, resulting in consistent power and shot count but less flexibility overall.

4) Are there any advantages to using a regulated tank?

Yes – while they may require more maintenance and adjustment compared to non-regulated models, regulated tanks offer more flexibility and allow you to adjust the power setting as needed. This can be useful if you need to shoot at different distances or in varying weather conditions, as it allows you to adjust your gun accordingly without having to purchase multiple guns.

5) What is the best way to store my PCP air rifle tank?

It is best to store your tank upright and away from any direct heat sources such as radiators or wood burning stoves. Additionally, always make sure your tank is full before storage in order to minimize the potential for moisture build-up.

6) What type of compressor can I use to fill my PCP air rifle tank?

For most tanks up to 13 cubic inches, the best option is an appropriate SCUBA diving compressor. However, if your tank is larger than this then you may need to invest in a dedicated air compressor. Additionally, it is important to ensure that you are using a compressor with the appropriate safety features and certifications in order to avoid any potential accidents or injuries. You can also use a simple hand pump, although this is obviously more laborious.

7) How can I tell when it’s time to recharge my PCP air rifle tank?

The easiest way to tell if your tank is running low on power is by checking the pressure gauge. If the gauge is showing a lower than normal pressure then it is either broken, or time for a refill. Additionally, you may notice a significant decrease in power or accuracy when shooting your gun, which could be an indication that your tank needs recharging.

8) Is there anything else I should be aware of when using my PCP air rifle tank?

Yes – it is important to make sure that you clean your gun regularly and check for signs of wear and tear or damage, as this can affect the performance and shot count of your gun. Additionally, never use an unregulated source such as a carbon dioxide cylinder as this could cause serious injury or even death. Only use compressed air with your PCP air rifle. Finally, always follow all safety protocols recommended by the manufacturer in order to ensure safe operation of your gun.

9) Is shooting a PCP airgun more expensive than other types?

No. PCP airguns use compressed air, which you don’t need to buy. Their low number of moving parts/simple firing mechanism also mean that they need little upkeep and maintenance.

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