How often should you service your air rifle?

By Published On: 18 March 2022Categories: Maintenance

How often you should service your air rifle will be determined by how often you use it. It is possible to clean your air gun yourself or maintain it by replacing some worn components to ensure accuracy. However, you may choose to have your air rifle professionally serviced every few years.

10 Related FAQs

1) What are some signs that my air rifle needs servicing?

If your air rifle is not firing accurately, takes longer than usual to cock, or has a noticeable decrease in power it may be time to service your gun. Additionally, if you see any rust on the barrel or other parts of the weapon it may be a sign of wear and tear and should be serviced. Typically the first thing to go are the O-rings, so check these first.

2) What do I need to do when servicing an air rifle?

When servicing an air rifle it is important to disassemble the weapon completely and inspect each part for wear and tear, again, particularly the O-rings. You should also clean out any residue from powder or oil, as well as lubricate moving parts. It is also important to check for any signs of damage or rust at the same time.

3) How often should I replace the seals in my air rifle?

It is recommended to replace the seals in your air rifle every two to three years, depending on usage and conditions. Seals can deteriorate over time due to wear and tear from use, as well as exposure to heat, cold, dust and moisture, so they can even degrade in storage particularly if the rifle has been maintained using an unsuitable lubricant or cleaned with an unsuitable solvent.

4) What type of oil should I use when servicing an air rifle?

When servicing an air rifle it is important to use a high-quality lubricant that is suitable for metal surfaces. Lightweight gun oils are typically recommended because they will penetrate into hard-to-reach areas and provide superior protection against corrosion.

5) What are the benefits of professional servicing on an air rifle?

Professional servicing on an air rifle provides a number of benefits. It will ensure that all components are in proper working order and can potentially extend the life of your weapon. Professional servicers will also be able to assess any wear or damage that may not be visible to the casual user, ensuring that your air rifle is operating at peak performance.

6) Are there any risks associated with servicing an air rifle at home?

Attempting to service an air rifle without the proper knowledge and experience can result in improper assembly which could lead to accidents or injury when firing the weapon. Additionally, using incorrect lubricants or not properly cleaning the weapon can damage it and reduce performance. If you’ve never serviced your own rifle before, consult a professional, or at least speak to the more experienced members at your local air gun club or range.

7) What is the difference between professional and DIY servicing?

Professional servicers have extensive knowledge of air rifles as well as access to specialized tools and materials that can help ensure that all parts are working correctly. DIY servicing, on the other hand, may require additional research, trial and error, and a more limited range of components when replacing worn-out parts.

8) Are there any special tools required for air rifle servicing?

Many basic tools such as screwdrivers, brushes, air compressor or canned air are all necessary for cleaning and maintenance of an air rifle. You may also need specialized tools such as a torque wrench or action block depending on the type of gun you have.

9) How much should I expect to pay for professional servicing on my air rifle?

The cost of professional servicing on an air rifle will vary depending on the complexity of the project and the availability of parts. In general, expect to pay anywhere from £50-£200 for a basic service, with more extensive repairs costing more.

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