How to Safely Transport Your Airgun

By Published On: 31 January 2024Categories: Air Gun

Transporting your air rifle or pistol to the range means ensuring safe, legal and responsible handling to protect your investment. Following proper airgun transportation protocol maintains functionality while demonstrating accountability worthy of preserving UK airgun freedoms.

By understanding the legislation around carrying guns, utilising secure containers, managing ammunition separately, and discreetly moving equipment to your destination, you can confidently bring your airgun gear anywhere required without issue. 

This guide covers key considerations for smooth, lawful airgun transportation.

Understanding UK Transport Laws

The first rule for safely moving airguns involves understanding all legal requirements around transporting unconcealed guns within the UK. Air weapons over 12 foot-pound muzzle energy are classified as “Section 1 Firearms,” requiring police registration and oversight when changing locations.

Transport legislation mandates using an appropriate gun slip or case that fully encloses the weapon for discretion and security. Separating the action from removable pressure tubes or stocks may also be advisable for size reduction during transit, depending on your specific air rifle configuration.

While less powerful airguns have more transport freedom, following the same protocol maintains best practice. 

Selecting a Proper Airgun Case

Investing in a purpose-built gun slip pouch or hard case designed specifically to house your air rifle/pistol model allows safe, low-profile movement between destinations. Quality cases feature padded interiors to prevent damage, with carrying handles and/or backpack straps for convenient mobility.

Look for form-fitted models that immobilise the gun securely to prevent dangerous movement during transport. Also look out for a sturdy, weatherproof construction, as it will protect the gun if exposed to rain while the case itself resists crushing if stacked with other luggage.

Managing Ammunition and Accessories

When moving air guns, always transport pellets, pumps or cylinders in separate bags from the gun itself. Keep bulk ammunition sealed in firm tins to prevent deformation and avoid cardboard boxes, which crush easily. 

Ensure no stray pellets roll loose inside the airgun case itself during movement. Organise methodically for safety.

Vehicle Transport Protocol

Within vehicles, keep airguns and other sporting guns fully encased and locked securely out of sight to prevent theft and demonstrate respect for public perceptions. Never openly flaunt guns, despite the legal freedom to do so.

When leaving the vehicle, bring all airguns and ammunition into your residence rather than locked in the vehicle if possible for security. Keep external transport distances short and make no unnecessary stops while guns are on board. 

Transporting Air Cylinders and Storage Tanks

Compressed air cylinders should be handled with extra caution when being transported for PCP refilling. Keep cylinders upright and fully immobilised to avoid sudden tipping, which could damage valves or gauges if they are knocked over.

Bleed tanks down below safe pressures if travelling longer distances, and confirm regulators are sealed to prevent unregulated discharge if they are accidentally opened. 

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With responsible handling and preparations, UK air gunners can confidently transport their equipment to any shooting destination without issue. Invest in quality carrying cases that provide protection and maintain vigilance by securing accessories separately.

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