How to Store Your Airgun: Do’s and Don’ts

By Published On: 31 January 2024Categories: Air Gun

Properly storing your air rifle or air pistol is crucial for maintaining accuracy and preventing damage when not in use. Airguns contain delicate seals, precision valves and rifled steel barrels that are vulnerable to wear, moisture and abuse without careful protection.

By understanding key airgun storage considerations and following best practices on security, weatherproofing, maintenance and organisation, you can keep your air rifle shooting like new for years of lasting enjoyment.

Securing and Safety

The first rule of airgun storage is to keep your gun properly secured against unauthorised handling when unattended. Always assume that any accessible weapon could lead to accidental injury or misuse. Invest in a sturdy, lockable hard case or gun safe matched to your collection size. Avoid cheap, thin-walled cabinets easily compromised by prying tools.

For quick access, consider keyed trigger locks or steel gun cables that allow mobility while preventing firing. Displaying airguns openly may show off your collection, but it is a preventable risk compared to locked storage. 

Protecting Against Moisture

After security comes protecting your airgun from humidity and moisture – true enemies of any precision airgun. Water promotes corrosion, rust and fungus growth within the barrel and action, severely degrading accuracy. O-rings, seals and valves also fail over time without staying bone dry.

Start by storing guns in a dehumidified room or cabinet. Within the safe, further protect guns using fitted cases and sleeves, or wrap in protective wipes. Regularly inspect for any signs of corrosion and address them immediately to avoid permanent damage. 

Cleaning & Lubrication

While airguns require less cleaning than their powder-burning counterparts, occasional maintenance during storage optimises their condition. Lightly lubricate key friction points and apply protective oil inside the barrel bore to repel moisture and prevent surface rust if humidity occurs.

After extended storage, do a thorough cleaning using patches and airgun-specific solvents to remove buildup. Reapply fresh lubricant before firing to condition seals. Proper cleaning and lube during storage eliminates potential issues plaguing neglected guns.

Pellet Control

Take care to properly store ammunition, like airgun pellets, to prevent deformation over time. Avoid cardboard pellet boxes, which easily damage the projectile shape through pressure and movement. Instead, use firm plastic tins with secure lids to protect the shape.

Inspect pellets visually prior to loading after prolonged storage. Damaged skirts, bent shapes and dents dramatically affect ballistic consistency. Discard any questionable pellets, and keep your ammunition in pristine shooting condition as well.

Organised Storage

Promote longevity through organised storage that prevents accidents or damage. Utilise safe drawers, gun pegs, barrel rods and gun socks to keep multiple rifles accessible yet protected. Label gun cases clearly for fast identification.

Separate air rifles from liquids that could spill or leak, and elevate rifles off floors vulnerable to flooding. Take time to organise for practical, safe storage and prevent issues from clutter or accidents.

Organise clearly to prevent issues. With care and effort, properly stored airguns retain pinpoint accuracy for a lifetime.

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