Mastering The Perfect Shooting Position

By Published On: 31 October 2023Categories: Air Rifle UK

Achieving accurate and consistent shots with air rifles requires mastering proper shooting positions. Adopting the optimal stance based on your shooting situation is crucial for precision and success. 

This guide covers the different positions every rifleman should know to become an accurate rifle shooter.

The Prone Position

The prone position is one of the most stable and accurate rifle shooting stances. Laying flat on your stomach with legs spread and elbows on the ground provides an incredibly steady base. This helps minimise body movement that throws off aim and allows bracing the rifle directly against the ground or on a bipod for added stability.

When assuming the prone stance, the legs should be parted enough to allow squaring the upper body to the target. Placing elbows directly underneath the shoulders helps align the rifle downrange while reducing muscle strain. Adjust leg spread to find the most comfortable position that keeps the spine straight and relax muscles as much as possible while maintaining stability. This reduces tremors that impair aiming.

The prone position excels for long range shooting where minimal body movement is critical. It also works well when firing from low cover or concealment when needing to remain hidden. The only downside is restricted visibility and inability to track moving targets.

The Sitting Position

For closer range shooting that requires visibility and tracking capability, the sitting position is ideal. It provides a stable shooting platform that keeps the upper body vertical for better viewing downrange.

When sitting, crossing the ankles keeps legs locked together to prevent extraneous movement. Leaning the elbows on the knees or thighs helps steady the rifle and pulling the body in tight minimises swaying and improves control. 

The sitting stance enables pivoting the upper body to track moving targets smoothly. The flexibility of movement makes this position popular for hunting and defensive applications.

The Kneeling Position

Kneeling drops the rifle shooter lower to the ground than sitting, yet maintains excellent visibility and mobility. One knee contacts the ground while the other is upright with feet planted.

The upright knee is critical for providing a solid triangular base. Having both knees down compromises stability and makes pivoting difficult. Place the elbow on the knee of the upright leg to steady the upper body position and use a bipod to help anchor the rifle consistently for improved accuracy.

By adjusting which knee is up or down, the body can shift to engage low or high angle targets, making it invaluable for dynamic tactical environments.

The Standing Position

Standing freely is the least stable rifle shooting position. Extensive practice and excellent muscular control are required to master accurate standing shots, with even skilled marksman finding hitting targets beyond short range challenging without bracing.

The primary standing stance involves placing feet shoulder-width apart in an athletic posture. Knees and elbows remain slightly bent to allow flexing against the rifle’s recoil. Bring the stock firmly into the shoulder pocket with cheek pressed against the comb for consistency. Use a sling for additional support if available.

Minimising sway in the standing position

Minimising sway is crucial when firing standing shots. Below are a few ways of gaining steadiness:

  • Breathing control helps steady aim between breaths. 
  • Build strength in the core and back muscles to better resist body movement. 
  • Achieving solid balance and smooth trigger squeeze are also vital for accuracy when firing unsupported shots on foot.

For engaging distant targets without support, kneeling or prone positions are vastly superior, but the standing stance remains necessary for handling targets at close quarters when mobility is paramount. 

Practise Proper Positions for Shooting Success

Mastering various shooting positions is a fundamental skill to become an  accurate shooter. Know when to use prone, sitting, kneeling or standing stances based on distance, visibility needs and available support. 

With regular practice integrating proper technique, shooters can reliably hit targets regardless of firing situation. 

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