Top Airgun Trends for 2023

By Published On: 1 February 2024Categories: Air Gun

As we step into 2024, the airgun industry in the UK is on the cusp of exciting innovations. With advancements in electronic intelligence, ultra-high precision manufacturing, and ballistic optimisation, the world of airguns is evolving rapidly. 

We delve into the top trends that are set to redefine airguns in the UK, guiding enthusiasts and professionals in their equipment choices for the year.

Intelligent Air Rifles Emerge

The forefront of airgun technology in 2024 is undoubtedly the integration of electronics. Following the introduction of “smart triggers,” we are now seeing a surge in airguns equipped with computerised systems. 

These systems enhance firing cycles, valve timing, pellet loading, and provide shot diagnostics with self-adjusting calibrations. Such advancements are particularly significant for Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) airguns, offering a level of consistency and accuracy that mechanical systems cannot match. 

UK shooters can expect to see these intelligent features in premium target and hunting rifles, making them a key trend to watch in 2024.

Bullpup Stock Configurations Gain Traction

In the UK, airgun shops are increasingly showcasing bullpup configured air rifles. These models feature a shortened stock with the action positioned behind the trigger, improving balance and ease of handling. While they may sacrifice some adjustability, their compact design and dynamic handling make them ideal for hunters who require mobility and quick target acquisition. 

The bullpup configuration, combined with shrouded barrels, is becoming a popular choice for hunters who value compactness and efficiency in their firearms.

Advancements in Multi-Shot Technology

The development of pneumatic and valve designs has led to more consistent shot strings, allowing for larger onboard pellet capacities in PCP models. This is complemented by advancements in repeating mechanisms, which are becoming more robust and faster, significantly reducing reloading times. 

In 2024, expect to see an increase in airguns with shotgun-style magazines and larger cylinders capable of holding 20+ shots. This technology not only enhances shooting efficiency but also aligns with the preferences of shooters who enjoy both target shooting and hunting.

Synthetic Stocks Replace Wood

A significant shift is occurring in the choice of materials for airgun stocks. In 2024, traditional wooden stocks are increasingly being replaced by polymers and synthetics. This trend is evident across the spectrum, from entry-level plinkers to high-end match guns. 

The benefits of synthetic stocks are manifold: they offer weight reductions, improved weatherproofing, and allow for greater customization and accessory integration. In the UK, where weather conditions can be variable, the adoption of synthetic stocks is particularly advantageous. 

Additionally, the DIY personalisation movement is driving the popularity of plastic and polymer stocks, with wood stocks becoming more of a collector’s item.

UK Market and Legal Compliance

As these trends take hold in the UK, it’s important to note that all advancements and new models comply with UK airgun laws and regulations. The UK market is unique, with specific legal requirements and a strong tradition of airgun use for sport and hunting. 

Manufacturers and retailers, including those like The Wolfman, are committed to ensuring that all products meet these standards.

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