What are the best night vision scopes?

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The Best Night Vision Scopes for Airguns: See Clearly Day and Night

Are you an airgun enthusiast looking to take your shooting to the next level with a top-quality night vision scope? A night vision scope allows you to hunt or target shoot in low-light conditions, opening up a whole new world of airgun use. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about choosing the best night vision scope for your airgun setup. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting into the sport, read on to learn which night vision scopes deliver the best performance and value.

What are the benefits of using a night vision scope with an airgun?

A night vision scope unlocks the potential to use your air rifle in low light and total darkness. With magnification options ranging from and powerful illuminators, an NV scope allows you to see your target clearly for precise shot placement. 

Unlike a regular day scope, a night vision optic gives you a massive advantage when hunting nocturnal pests or enjoying an evening plinking session.

How do night vision scopes work?

Night vision scopes use sophisticated technology to amplify available light and provide a clear image in the dark. Most modern night vision optics for airguns use digital sensors to capture light, which is then processed and displayed on a screen for your eye. Some also include a built-in IR illuminator that projects an invisible infrared beam to further illuminate your target.

What’s the difference between night vision and thermal scopes?

While night vision scopes amplify available light to help you see in the dark, thermal scopes detect heat signatures instead. Thermal scopes can be used day or night and are excellent for locating game. However, their high cost can make them less popular for airgun use compared to night vision.

What features should I look for in a night vision scope?

When choosing a night vision scope for your air rifle, consider these key features:

  • Magnification: Look for variable zoom from 3-12x or more
  • Objective lens size: Larger lenses gather more light
  • IR illuminator: Integrated 850nm illuminators are ideal
  • Resolution: Higher resolution means a clearer picture
  • Battery life: Rechargeable batteries provide longer run times
  • Day/night modes: The best NV scopes also work in daylight
  • Reticle options: Adjustable reticles allow for holdover

Are night vision scopes legal in the UK?

Yes, night vision scopes are legal to own and use for airgun shooting in England and Wales. However, they are not permitted to hunt with firearms. Always follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions and use your night vision gear responsibly.

Can I use a night vision scope in daylight?

Many modern digital night vision scopes offer day/night modes, allowing them to be used around the clock. Look for an NV scope with a full colour mode for daytime use. Keep in mind that these day/night scopes still look different than a traditional day scope.

How much do night vision scopes cost?

Night vision scope prices vary widely based on features and quality. Entry-level digital NV scopes start around £200, while high-end Gen 2+ scopes can exceed £2,000. For most airgun shooters, a mid-range digital scope from £400-£800 offers excellent performance and value.

How do I mount a night vision scope on my air rifle?

Most night vision scopes mount to your air rifle’s Picatinny or Weaver rail using 30mm scope rings. Some NV optics are even designed to attach in front of your existing day scope for quick transitions between day and night shooting. Whichever setup you choose, ensure your scope is securely mounted before use.

What’s the best night vision scope for airgun shooting?

While there are many excellent night vision scopes on the market, we believe the Pard DS35 70RF is the top choice for most airgun shooters.  This advanced digital night vision scope boasts a unique tube-style design, integrated ballistic calculator, and an integrated rangefinder for unparalleled performance.

The DS35 70RF features a cutting-edge 2K sensor with 0.0001 lux sensitivity. The scope’s 800×800 circular LTPS display is the first of its kind, providing a crystal-clear image day or night. With multi-color palettes and self-activated recording, you’ll never miss a shot.

Here are the key takeaways for choosing the best night vision scope for your airgun:

  • Look for digital NV scopes with high-quality sensors and integrated IR
  • Consider your budget and the key features you need
  • Choose a scope with good battery life and day/night versatility
  • Stick with trusted brands like Pard
  • Make sure to properly mount your scope for safe, reliable use
  • The Pard DS35 70RF is our top pick for performance 

With the right night vision scope, you’ll be able to expand your airgun adventures around the clock. We hope this guide has helped you understand the key considerations when buying a night vision scope for your air rifle.

Check out our full selection of cutting-edge night vision optics and place your order today. 

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