What is the most accurate .177 pellet?

By Published On: 18 March 2022Categories: Air Gun Ammunition

Some of the most accurate .177 pellets for air guns include H&N Field Target Trophy, Air Arms Diablo Field, RWS Superdomes and JSB Exacts.

10 Related FAQs

Q: 1) What is the best .177 pellet for target shooting?

A: The H&N Field Target Trophy is widely regarded as one of the best all round .177 pellets for target shooting. It’s made to extremely tight tolerances and has a domed head that reduces drag in flight, allowing it to maintain accuracy over long distances.

Q: 2) Is there a difference between .177 and .22 pellets?

A: Yes. The two calibres are not interchangeable. The most significant difference is that .22 pellets are larger in diameter and heavier than their .177 counterparts. This affects accuracy, trajectory and power output when fired from an air gun. Firing the wrong-size pellet from a rifle could cause it damage.

Q: 3) Are pointed or domed pellets better for accuracy?

A: Generally speaking, domed pellets are more accurate than pointed pellets due to being more aerodynamic. As air passes around the spherical shape of the projectile, it creates less drag which allows it to maintain its speed and consistency over longer distances. Domed pellets are also less prone to over-penetration when they actually hit the target.

Q: 4) Can you use lead-free pellets in a .177 calibre air gun?

A: Yes, there are several lead-free pellets available in .177 calibre. These use alternative materials such as zinc or steel and still offer excellent accuracy and power output. Using these types of pellets is an ideal solution if you’re looking to reduce your environmental impact when shooting air guns. For more information, or to shop for lead-free pellets, take a look at our category page.

Q: 5) What is the best .177 pellet for hunting?

A: For small game hunting, the Air Arms Diablo Field or H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme are great choices. These are well suited to taking down quarry such as rabbits and squirrels due to their penetration power.

Q: 6) Are .177 pellets good for plinking?

A: Yes, the H&N Excite Econs are an excellent choice for plinking. These pellets are designed for maximum accuracy and consistency – perfect for shooting targets at a range or just hitting cans in the backyard.

Q: 7) Is it safe to shoot .177 pellets at cardboard targets?

A: Yes, provided you’re using the correct weight of pellet for your gun. You must also ensure the pellets are caught properly and are not leaving your own property.

Q: 8) Will .177 pellets fragment when they hit a target?

A: Your pellet is unlikely to fragment when it hits a target. That’s because fragmentation typically occurs when a pellet hits something hard, which a target made of card or paper isn’t. If you’re firing at a metal target, then this makes fragmentation much more likely; that being said, it’s still more likely to pancake (compress and distort) rather than fragment.

Q: 9) Do .177 pellets ricochet more than other calibres?

A: No. BBs are the most likely kind of pellet to ricochet.

Q: 10) What is the best way to store air rifle pellets?

A: Air rifle pellets should be stored in an airtight container away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures as this can affect their performance. If you’re storing them for long periods of time, it’s best to check them every few months to make sure they’re still in good condition, e.g. have not become damp.

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