What kind of oil do you use to clean an air rifle barrel?

By Published On: 18 March 2022Categories: Air Gun Oil

Gun oil is often used to clean an air rifle barrel. Take a look at our range of air gun oils and maintenance products, including Napier Gun Oil Pump Spray, Napier Power Air Gun Oil and more.

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1) Why is Napier the best gun oil for an air rifle?

Napier Gun Oil Pump Spray is generally considered one of the best oils for cleaning and maintaining air rifles because it’s a light oil that offers superior lubrication and protection against rust and corrosion, at a reasonable price.

2) How often should I clean my air rifle barrel?

Cleaning the outside barrel on a regular basis will help keep it in top condition. Ideally, you should clean the outside your barrel after every use to ensure the optimal performance of your air rifle, although this is unnecessary unless you use it outside. As for cleaning the inside, it’s typically best not to, as it’s easy to damage an air rifle barrel and rare for it to contain debris that can cause issues when you shoot. If you do, use a brand name pull-through kit like this one from Napier.

3) What other tools do I need to properly clean an air rifle barrel?

In addition to gun oil, you should also have a variety of tools and cleaning supplies on hand. A good quality brush, swab and/or patches will help you remove dirt, grime and residue from the barrel. You may also need to use solvent-based cleaners to remove stubborn deposits. These are typically included with good air rifle cleaning kits.

4) What is the best way to apply gun oil to an air rifle?

Depending on the type of gun oil you’re using, it can be applied by either spraying or brushing it onto the barrel. If using a spray, make sure to avoid over-spraying as this can cause buildup in the bore. If using a brush or swab instead, apply a thin layer directly onto the surface and use a clean, dry cloth to wipe away any excess.

5) How long does gun oil take to protect an air rifle barrel?

Generally, applying gun oil will help protect your barrel immediately as it bonds with the metal surface and creates a barrier that guards against moisture and dirt. However, for optimum protection, you should reapply gun oil regularly – typically every few weeks or so.

6) Is there anything I shouldn’t use on my air rifle barrel?

You should never use abrasive cleaning products or solvents on your barrel as these can damage the finish/O-rings, and cause corrosion over time. Additionally, some oils are not suitable for air rifles – make sure you use a product specifically designed for the maintenance of air rifles. Avoiding the use of WD-40 is the most obvious example.

7) Is it safe to leave gun oil in an air rifle barrel?

It is not recommended to leave any type of oil or lubricant in your barrel as this can build up over time, causing metal fragments and other deposits to accumulate and affect accuracy. Therefore, always make sure you remove any excess oil before firing.

8) What should I do if my air rifle barrel is corroded?

If your barrel has become corroded, it’s important to take steps to restore its condition as soon as possible. You may need to apply a gun oil that contains corrosion-inhibitors, or a lubricant specifically designed to protect against rust. Applying and reapplying gun oil regularly can also help prevent further corrosion.

9) Can I use WD-40 on my air rifle barrel?

While WD-40 is a great general-purpose lubricant for many uses, it shouldn’t be used on an air rifle barrel as it can cause buildup and decrease accuracy over time. It’s best to stick with products that are specifically designed for the maintenance of air rifles.

10) Does gun oil expire?

Generally speaking, gun oil does not have an expiration date but its effectiveness may decrease if exposed to extreme temperatures, left in the sun, or left unused for a long period of time. In such cases, it’s best to replace the oil with a fresh batch for optimal performance.

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