BSA Elite .177


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BSA Elite .177

The classic roundhead. The all-time classic pellet, time-proven and designed for all-round use. Ideal for spring-piston and precharged pneumatic airguns alike, this pellet can handle anything from informal plinking sessions to the demands of full-on hunting action. Versatile, affordable and totally reliable, this pellet demands its place in your airgun armoury.

Tins of  500

4.5mm – 7.56gr


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3 reviews for BSA Elite .177

  1. Tia D

    Good pellets for plinking.

  2. KJA (verified owner)

    Terrible pellet. Tried them in various rifles and pistols, CO2, springer and PCP. If you’re after a decent cheap pellet for short range plinking, try the Excite Econ Hobby for pistols or Excite Hammer for rifles.

  3. Gary Blunt

    Not too bad but my rifles don’t like them so I will use for my pistols instead, still even then they are just OK.

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