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When you think of high-quality air rifle pellets, H&N Sport is synonymous. H&N pellets offer the perfect combination of excellent quality, accuracy, and price, you will find a fantastic selection right here at The Wolfman. There are some fantastic airgun brands available selling air rifle pellets, but H&N Sport are as good as you will find and one of our personal favourites, so no matter what H&N slugs you are looking for, we have just made finding them that much easier!

Since the 1950's H&N Sport has been manufacturing a wide range of airgun pellets, but many people do not realise that their roots extent as far back as 1825. The business started off by producing milled lead and lead foil used for lining tobacco tins and tea caddies - and even as far back as then, their quality shone through. Today is no different. Their product and business may have changed significantly, but their result is still as good as you will find anywhere in the airgun marketplace.

Carl Georg August Natermann (the father of H&N Sport) had a clear goal in mind when developing their airgun pellets: to manufacture products with outstanding quality. Today H&N Sport continue to do exactly that - for quality assurance they control every step of the manufacturing process. When you buy H&N Sport pellets, you buy years of quality German manufacturing.

High Quality Air Rifle Slugs & Pellets From H&N Sport

Our H&N Sport range includes a vast selection of pellets - including .22, .25 and .177 calibre pellets. We offer sample packs so you can test the water and find the perfect match. We also sell H&N Sport's most popular pellets - Hornet, Baracuda FT, Coppa Spitzkugel, Baracuda Hunter Extreme, Baracuda Match, Rabbit Magnum Power and Terminator, just to name a few. We encourage you to browse our website, including checking out the full H&N Sport range - we know you will not be disappointed.

Whether you are new to the airgun scene, or a seasoned professional, H&N Sport is the brand for you, and The Wolfman is the best place to buy H&N Sport online. We hold all our stock, so if you order online you can be confident that you will receive your items fast, and you will not be waiting for days as with so many other H&N Sport shops and suppliers.

Why Choose The Wolfman as a Supplier for the H&N Sport Brand?

With over 30 years' experience in the airgun trade, The Wolfman are one of the UK's leading suppliers of airgun products and accessories, stocking all the top brands, including H&N Sport. This section of website showcases our H&N Sport shop, where you will find everything you need from the H&N Sport pellet range. Over the coming months we will be adding to our range of H&N Sport products so please keep an eye on our page, there are always some fantastic deals to be had! With our unparalleled service, competitive prices, secure online ordering and free delivery, The Wolfman is the best place to buy air rifle products online in the UK, including H&N Sport pellets.