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Napier Pull Through Air Rifle Cleaning Kit

The ideal barrel cleaning kit: Napier’s Airgun Pull Through Kit contains everything you need to effectively clean any type of air rifle, and is suitable for .22 and .177 calibres.

The strong, coated cable with a soft flexible loop is passed through the barrel. Attach a pre-cut Rifle Clean patch and simply pull back through the gun, repeating the process until all traces of fouling are removed. If you aren’t sure how it works, the kit comes with instructions on how precisely to clean your air rifle barrel safely and effectively.

From a recognised air-rifle kit brand like Napier of London, you can be sure of only the highest quality.


Carry kit
1 x 120ml Power Airgun Oil Pump Spray
50 x Power Pull Through Patches
1 x Napier Pull Through Tool
3 x VP90 Field Patches


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3 reviews for Napier Pull Through Cleaning Kit

  1. Mark W.

    The best airgun cleaning kit that I have personally used, better than other cheaper versions online.

  2. Luke T

    Perfect cleaning kit for PCPs. Other brands might be cheaper but you always know what you’re getting from Napier and it’s never poor quality.

  3. Chris

    The thin string that holds the patches pulled out from the end leaving the patches stuck in the barrel. Can only have used it six or seven times, using correct number of patches for .177.

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