Crosman Copperhead BB .177


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Crosman Copperhead BB .177

Pack of 1500

Top-quality Premium Crosman Copperhead’s, the only copper-coated steel BB’s.

Copper coating resists corrosion and surface oxidisation that can be experienced on steel BB’s that are not stored correctly or in high humid conditions.

Sold in a user-friendly, resealable plastic bottle with an improved screw-on cap and easy-pour spout.

These precision made .177 / 4.5mm BB’s are manufactured in the USA to the highest standards of finish and consistency, giving reliable quality and high penetration.


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1 review for Crosman Copperhead BB .177

  1. Phil Little

    These copper ball bearings are far superior in respect of the standard steel comparative.

    I bought these to solve a misfire issue with my HK 416. This was being caused by steel BB’s being too light, and having a higher friction level when in contact with other BB’s.

    As a result of this, the indexing spring (the spring that moves the BB’s within a magazine), sporadically pinned steel BB’s above the firing chamber causing a dry firing untill cleared.

    Using these copper BB’s immediately resolved the misfire issue due to increased weight and reduced friction.

    The force of any ricochet’s are greatly reduced, as the copper BB will compact under much lower forces than that of steel

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