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Daystate UK State of the Art Air Rifle Slugs & Pellets

By their own definition, Daystate build the world's best airguns, and we think that their award-winning guns rank amongst the best in airgun manufacture. Unlike other leading brands Daystate has only been bringing products to market for a few decades, but in that short space in time they have created some of the best airguns on the market, such as the Huntsman & Red Wolf lines. Daystate are also a pioneer of the industry, producing the first modern pre-charged pneumatic air rifle.

About Daystate - Company Details

Based in Eccleshall, Staffordshire, Daystate produce airguns for a variety of uses including sport and pest control. Models such as the AirWolf, Huntsman, Pulsar and Wolverine are favourites among airgun enthusiasts, professionals, and sportspeople. This is what we love most about Daystate - their ability to produce the best quality airguns for shooters of all disciplines.

Daystate's commitment and excellence is second to none, something which has been noted by many airgun journalists and people of influence within the industry. It is of equal importance that The Wolfman provide the same level of service to our customers, making great brands such as Daystate accessible. Stocking Daystate air rifle pellets and accessories is only common sense. Our Daystate range includes .20, .22, and .177 calibre pellets.

Popular Daystate Products - What Stands Out?

Currently the Wolfman Store only stocks ammunition from the Daystate brand, as well as their quick filling probe. We've chosen the best slugs they have to offer - some of which have been manufactured in partnership with H&N Sport.

If you are looking for pellets to partner with a weapon created by Daystate, we recommend you purchase from the Kaiser line. They have been designed explicitly to compliment the unique Walther barrels found on Daystate guns:

Those of you searching for a universally applicable pellet suitable for any air rifle will find the Daystate Sovereign range incredibly flexible:

Why Choose The Wolfman Store for Daystate Pellets?

With over 30 years' experience in the airgun trade, The Wolfman are one of the UK's leading suppliers of airgun products and accessories, stocking all the top brands, including Daystate. This section of website showcases our Daystate shop, where you will find everything you need from the Daystate pellet range. Over the coming months we will be adding to our Daystate products so please keep an eye on our page, there are always some fantastic deals to be had! With our unparalleled service, competitive prices, secure online ordering and free delivery,

The Wolfman Store is the best place to buy airgun pellets in the UK at competitive prices, including Daystate pellets.