Gun Lok Shotgun Breech Lock

Gun Lok Shotgun Breech Lock
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Gun Lok Shotgun Breech Lock

GUN-LOK is a security device that effectively addresses the above risks by internally locking the breech of a shotgun therefore preventing the insertion of an ammunition round. GUN-LOK has a profile similar to that of a typical cartridge and is quick and easy to fit. Its in-built 'fail-safe' anti-tamper provisions make GUN-LOK highly resistant to attack or unauthorised removal. In addition, due to its low profile, GUN-LOK allows shotguns and separate barrels to be normally stored and transported. GUN-LOK is simply inserted into the shotgun breech in the same way as a cartridge and with a few key turns of the integral multi-pin lock, the shotgun breech is effectively inaccessible. GUN-LOK has been especially designed to actively resist force and to be 'fail-safe'. Any determined attempt to remove GUN-LOK by force, including attempts to remove by drilling, will result in progressively tighter locking and possible permanent blocking of the shotgun breech.
Once outside the protection of the home, a shotgun is more vulnerable to opportunistic, accidental or unlawful acquisition. Transit to and from clubs, shows or organised shoots, carries many vulnerability risks. Also, gun-dealers, demonstrators and retailers regularly attend shows and exhibitions - necessarily involving the transport and display of multiple and minimally secured weapons.

Prevents the unauthorised loading of a shotgun
The only 'safe' round
Has the same profile, shape and size of a typical shotgun cartridge
Quick and easy to fit and remove
Highly secure via a multi-pin internal lock
Tamper and force-proof rendering it ‘fail-safe’ in the event of theft
Provides high security when away from normal and statutory provisions
Substantially lowers the risk of weapon theft and/or misuse

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