H&N Excite Hammer .22


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H&N Excite Hammer .22


Ideal for knock-down targets

Medium-weight, accurate pellet for plinking, hobby shooting and C02-Pistols at medium ranges. Enhanced aerodynamics through English form (round head) for flat trajectories. Ribbed.

Tins of 250

Weight – 14.66gr


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6 reviews for H&N Excite Hammer .22

  1. Jenny M

    Good groupings with my Walther RM8. I will definitely be getting more for target practise as they are relatively inexpensive too.

  2. Steve Walker (verified owner)

    I bought them for my kid to use at the range shooting at rabbit and rat targets but I put some paper targets out for him and was shocked at how well they grouped at 25 yards.
    Deffo be getting these again

  3. mangoelectrics (verified owner)

    Good, but are cheep!

  4. Richard (verified owner)

    Great plinking pellet. Wouldn’t hunt with them but they’re excellent for practice. 20mm 5 shot groups at 30yd mean you can do some meaningful practice with them and they’re cheap too.

  5. KJA (verified owner)

    Great pellet for a bit of short range plinking, quite happily hitting half inch spinners at 20m with a springer rifle.

  6. Chris

    Great pellets for the price I use them for rats they are the best I’ve used at stopping them in 22

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