H&N Hornet .177


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H&N Hornet .177

Medium-weight, accurate hunting pellet for medium ranges. High impact and penetration. Aerodynamic design through metal tip. Controlled expansion. Smooth with brass tip.

Tins of 225

Calibre: .177 – 4.50mm

Weight: 10.03gr

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2 reviews for H&N Hornet .177

  1. Richard O

    The quality of these are amazing.

  2. Steve Varley

    These don’t look like they should work, but I’ve fired them from my Gamo Phox and they are spot on at 32M.
    The tips would presumably be a bonus for hunting for penetration.
    I’m impressed. Got them free from someone and expected them to be poor at ranges >25M, very pleasantly surprised.

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