H&N Slug HP .217 / .218 23gr


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H&N Slug HP .217/.218

The H&N Slug HP is a pellet which differs significantly from the usual pellets due to its bullet shape.

It‘s designed for powerful rifles which can shoot such projectiles precisely at targets at 50, 100 or even 200 meters distance. An extremely favorable ballistic coefficient (BC) ensures a flat trajectory and excellent energy retention.

To accommodate different barrel profiles and power levels, we offer options in diameter (.217 cal. / .218 cal.) and weight.

The muzzle energy of the rifle should be at least 25 joules, but for best results we recommend 40 to 60 joules. All pellets get visually inspected, hand packed and secured for transport with foam pads.

For FAC rated air rifles only.

Tins of 200



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1 review for H&N Slug HP .217 / .218 23gr

  1. Michael Tighe

    FX Crown mk2, .22 shooting 32 plus ft lbs, 218 21 grain slugs, I was told I’d need a slug liner (wrong) I’d need to shoot them over 1000 fps (wrong) I have a standard pellet liner, shooting 830 fps average, only 35 yards as indoor range, but 5 slugs through a very small clover leaf hole was as good as JSB 18.13 I usually shoot, slug on slug was repeated time and again, I had the occasional shot that moved a couple of MM but that was all me, when I did my part the accuracy was beyond belief, I had expected them not to be accurate without changes to my rifle, how very wrong was I, buy some and try them, before I buy up the stocks.

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