Immersive Optics 5×30 Pro 85 Prismatic Rifle Scope


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Immersive Optics 5×30 Pro 85 Prismatic Rifle Scope

Discover the Immersive Optics 5×30 Mildot: an impressive CQB-style scope, supplied with a set of MOA adjustable mounts. The 30mm objective lens provides improved light transmission for a bright picture, perfect for shooting from dawn to dusk. CNC-machined for unparalleled quality, this lightweight scope features a compact prismatic design that still delivers on performance.

The 5×30 Pro prismatic riflescope from Immersive Optics offers a field of view that is far greater than other traditional rifle scopes, combined with exceptional levels of magnification to achieve improved situational awareness, and an incredibly long 85mm eye relief providing crystal clear observation capabilities and reducing the risk of scope bite – making it perfect for use with centrefire rifles.

The 5×30 Pro’s prism-based optical system significantly reduces its footprint when mounted on a rifle compared to more traditional daytime riflescopes, eliminating the large objective lens and long housing without sacrificing any of the light gathering performance, leaving the magnification and field of view unimpeded. Its reduced size enables better weight distribution between scope and rifle for more comfortable, high accuracy shooting, and allowing for long periods of observation in which the shooter will experience no fatigue.

Fitted with Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass, the 5×30 Pro maintains natural colour reproduction within the field of view, with minimal colour aberration – resulting in high clarity, crystal clear observation, even at extreme distances.

The 5×30 Pro, along with all other Immersive Optics riflescopes, is CNC machined to guarantee zero-errors; features a nitrogen-filled optical channel for anti-fogging; and is water sealed for protection against moisture. An innovative lens cap retention system allows the user to clip the lens cap securely to the side of the riflescope, doing away with any distractions whilst shooting.

Available with either Mildot or Mildot Rapid glass-etched, illuminated reticle, high precision windage and elevation controls (with no parallax). The scope will mount easily on the MOA adjustable mount provided.

Key Features

  • Prismatic design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 85mm eye relief
  • High magnification
  • Wider field of view (when compared to traditional sights)
  • Highly focusable
  • No parallax
  • Illuminated Mildot or Mildot Rapid reticles
  • MOA adjustable mounts included
  • Innovative eye-relief & lens cap retention system
  • Better gun/scope weight distribution
  • CNC machined precision mechanics
  • Adjustable elevation & windage (MIL 28 | MOA 83)
  • Precise rotations (MIL 5 | MOA 15) & revolutions (Clicks 50)
  • Nitrogen-Filled optical channel (Anti-Fogging)
  • Shock-Resistant (Up to 600G)
  • 3 Year Warranty

Mildot Aiming Mark

This sight is fitted with the classic Mildot aiming mark from Immersive Optics. Easy-to-use even for novice shooters, it’s the ideal reticle for taking simple shots. The various glass-etched holdover markings help with range estimation and also allow you to compensate for bullet drop at long distances. This scope is also available with the Mildot Rapid reticle.

Prismatic Scope Design

Immersive Optics are well known for creating compact, lightweight and highly portable scopes – made possible through prismatic technology. Prism scopes focus the image using a glass prism, rather than a series of lenses as seen in traditional sights. As well as enhancing image quality, this also results in improved weight distribution, which significantly reduces shooter fatigue.

Beautiful Optical Performance

Constructed with a CQB-style design, the 5×30 Mildot scope is focusable from 6m to infinity, ideal for close-range shooting. With parallax-error free visuals at any distance, the medium eye relief also provides a 2x larger field of view than other scopes. Enjoy natural colour reproduction with ED (extra-low dispersion) glass, which eliminates chromatic aberration (colour fringing) for a crisp, clear picture.

CNC Machined Precision Mechanics

Every Immersive Optics scope is produced to incredibly high standards of quality, thanks to CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) machining. This type of precision engineering is achieved through computer software, which controls machinery through a series of detailed, pre-programmed instructions. The resulting scope boasts an error-free build for class-beating optical and mechanical performance.

MOA Adjustable Scope Mounts

The 5×30 Mildot scope comes with a smart, MOA adjustable mounting system for ease of use. It comprises three separate CNC-machined mounts – short, medium and large – which help zero the scope and keep it centred within its adjustment range. Each mount is constructed with a selection of rails to help you place the scope in a comfortable position on any airgun.

About Immersive Optics

Immersive Optics are a British company specialising in world record breaking optics of unparalleled quality. Founded in Edinburgh in 2021, they are a relatively new brand on the UK market – however, their talented team have years of experience in sight design and manufacture.

Using the latest techniques in engineering and manufacturing, Immersive Optics aim to be at the forefront of the shooting industry. They specialise in ultra-compact air rifle scopes crafted using prism technology, with short eye relief that fully immerses you in the scene – hence their name. You can view our entire Immersive Optics range here.

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Magnification 5x
Reticle Mildot
Objective Lens Diamete 30mm
Eye relief 85mm
Field of View 10.2m @ 100y
Parallax setting 6m-infinity
Weight (with MOA adj mounts) 486g

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