JSB Exact Jumbo RS .22


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JSB Exact Jumbo RS .22

The JSB Exact Jumbo RS .22 pellets are a premier choice within the airgun community, renowned for their exceptional performance and precision. As the lightest weight domed pellets in the JSB Match Diabolo range, they offer shooters the advantage of higher velocity and a more direct ballistic path, making them ideal for use in high-powered air rifles. 

This unique combination of speed and accuracy positions the JSB Exact Jumbo RS as a top contender for both competitive target shooting and effective pest control.

Central to the JSB Exact Jumbo range’s acclaim is its ability to cater to a wide array of shooting needs. From the rapid and impactful performance required for hitting distant targets to the heavy-duty demands of challenging shooting scenarios, this range has something for every shooter.

Quality is paramount in the JSB Exact series, with each pellet undergoing meticulous quality control to ensure unparalleled consistency and performance. This commitment to excellence guarantees that shooters receive ammunition that not only meets but surpasses their expectations, contributing to JSB’s reputation as a leader in airgun pellet manufacturing.

Suitable for an array of air rifles, from basic models to the most advanced high-powered options, these pellets are indispensable for shooters aiming for precision and power.


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4 reviews for JSB Exact Jumbo RS .22

  1. Bill

    In my humble opinion the best .22 pellet ever made(some comment, I know).
    The hitting power of a .22 with the trajectory of a .177.
    Drops rabbit’s with ease at 40 metre’s and pellet on pellet at the range.
    It’s the only pellet I now use.

  2. steven (verified owner)

    These are the best 2.2 pellets I have ever used in my Air arms S410 , mega stopping power , super accurate , shoots like a 177 amazing

  3. John Stockton (verified owner)

    These were suggested for my Lee Enfield Sentry as I was struggling to get a decent grouping with any other pellets (Crosman came close). These have transformed my experience with the gun – it’s a pleasure to use now! 🙂

  4. Dave Noble

    Never fails to amaze with constant grouping.

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