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JSB Hades .22

The JSB Hades .22 pellets represent a significant leap forward in airgun ammunition technology, engineered with precision to enhance shooting performance across the board. These pellets are distinguished by their meticulous design, combining a consistent weight of 15.89 grains with unparalleled accuracy, making them a fundamental choice for serious shooters.

Featuring a hollow point design, the JSB Hades .22 is not merely aesthetic but a deliberate innovation aimed at maximising hunting efficiency. This design ensures that each shot achieves optimal impact, expanding upon contact to deliver a powerful hunting effect.

As part of the esteemed JSB Match Diablo range, the Hades .22 pellets boast an aerodynamic shape that promotes flight stability and accuracy, whether used in target practice or hunting scenarios. The precision in weight and balance of these pellets positions them as a preferred option for shooters prioritising precision.

In the UK market, the JSB Hades .22 pellets are highly sought after for their blend of power, precision, and performance. Their exacting standards and superior hollow point design make them a prime choice for traders and suppliers, offering shooters an exceptional quality that enhances their shooting experience.

JSB is a brand synonymous with quality in the airgun pellet industry, and the Hades .22 lives up to this legacy by delivering consistent, high-quality performance. Ideal for both casual and competitive shooting, these pellets are engineered for accuracy.

This commitment to excellence is evident in every pellet, from the precision-engineered hollow point to the meticulous balance and weight, making the JSB Hades .22 the ultimate choice for airgun enthusiasts seeking the best in ammunition technology.

Tins of 500

Weight – 15.89gr


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5 reviews for JSB Hades .22 5.50

  1. Amelia L

    Great consistent pellets, my BSA Ultra SE loves them!

  2. Connor.Evans

    Accurate and good stopping power. One shot kills 97% of the time.

  3. Hubert W

    Really hard hitting and suprisingly accurate too – groupings were within a 5p coin at 40yrds! Will definitely be buying more.

  4. Si Allen (verified owner)

    There an excellent product hard hitting beautifully clean ammo that arrived in record time, id highly recommend them, 5p sized groups at 45-50 is perfect.

  5. Martyn Symmonds (verified owner)

    Best pellets I’ve tried on my .22 Remington break barrel springer.

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