JSB Knockout Slugs .22


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JSB KnockOut Slugs .22 

JSB Knock Out slug pellets – designed for use in FACs. Thanks to the hollow point and the soft lead that JSB is known for, these slugs offer a very good expansion on impact.

5.5mm – 25.39 grains

200 slugs per tin

These slugs are primarily designed to be used in F.A.C rated air rifles. If you have a P.C.P below 12ft/lb, then please note that these may not fit the barrel or be suitable.


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1 review for JSB Knockout Slugs .22

  1. Jose D

    Tested these in my FX Impact and I’m impressed. Normally I use FX Hybrids and although they did show the better expansion compared to the KnockOuts, it was minimal. For the difference in price, I’d pick the JSB for sure.

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