JSB Knockout Slugs 4.51 10.03gr


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JSB KnockOut Slugs .177 (4.51)

JSB Knock Out slugs – designed for use in airguns. Thanks to the hollow point and the soft lead that JSB is known for, these slugs offer a very good expansion on impact.

Tins of 500

Weight: 10.03gr

These slugs are primarily designed to be used in PCP air rifles. If you have a spring air gun, then please note that these may not fit the barrel or be suitable.


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2 reviews for JSB Knockout Slugs 4.51 10.03gr

  1. Salv licata

    These really surprised me,
    Stacked up at 30 yds
    Still very accurate at 50 yards
    They’re lighter than my go to jsb10.34s but drop more, however, they all dropped in the same place
    Tested in an hw100 alongside zans
    These were easily better in my barrel

  2. Jeffery Doubler

    I use them for the first time thinking they would be a joke but wow they are now my go to at 30 metres they go through the same hole even in the wind. hw100 if you use a HW100 try them you won’t be disappointed defiantly recommend them ????

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