JSB Sample Pack 5 Types .177 .22


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JSB Pellet Sample Pack Set

Choose from either .22 or .177 for 50 of each pellet.

.22 Pack

JSB Exact Jumbo Diabolo – 15.89gr

JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy Diabolo -18.13gr

JSB Exact Jumbo RS – 13.43gr

JSB Exact Jumbo Express – 14.35gr

Air Arms Diabolo Field – 16gr

.177 Pack

JSB Exact Diabolo – 8.44gr

JSB Exact Heavy Diabolo – 10.34gr

JSB Exact RS – 7.33gr

JSB Match Diabolo Middleweight – 8.02gr

Air Arms Diabolo Field – 8.4gr

All packed in individual bags and sent safely.

The perfect way to find out what works in your gun.


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