JSB Test Diabolo .22


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JSB Test Diabolo .22

The perfect tin for finding out which pellet best suits you. Including 30 pellets of:

Diabolo Exact Jumbo 1,030g 5,51mm

Diabolo Exact Jumbo 1,030g 5,52mm

Diabolo Exact Jumbo 1,030g 5,53mm

Diabolo Exact Jumbo Monster 1,645g 5,52mm

Diabolo Exact Jumbo Express 0,930g 5,52mm

Diabolo Exact Jumbo Heavy 1,175g 5,52mm

Diabolo Jumbo Exact RS 0,870g 5,52mm

JSB Exact Jumbo Pellets are world class airgun pellets and one of the most popular on the market due to their high quality and high accuracy. Exact products, just as all the other products, undergo a thorough hand-picked quality control. They make an excellent choice for both target shooting and pest control.


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