Beretta M92A1 Spare Magazine


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Beretta M92A1 Spare Magazine

Keep Your Beretta CO2 Air Pistol Shooting with a Spare Magazine

Want to keep putting steel BBs downrange without constant reloading? Pick up a spare magazine for your Beretta M92A1 CO2 air pistol. This high-capacity metal replacement mag lets you quickly swap in more BBs when your first magazine runs dry.

Rugged and Reliable Construction

This magazine fits the Beretta M92A1 CO2 pistol thanks to its precise dimensions and flawless functionality. The durable metal build feels smooth yet solid when loading steel BBs. A secure base plate and tough internals give you reliable feeding you can count on.

Made to strict standards, you can trust that this spare magazine will withstand years of backyard plinking sessions and trips to the shooting range. The simple yet robust design effortlessly handles shots while showing minimal wear.

More Shooting, Less Reloading

With an extra magazine on hand, you can keep shooting longer without needing to pause to hand-load BBs. Simply remove the first empty magazine and insert the loaded spare in a matter of seconds. 

Stay locked and loaded with a Beretta M92A1 spare magazine. Never waste time during practice again, thanks to quick reloads. Order this durable and dependable replacement magazine now.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, The Wolfman stocks a wide range of airgun magazines and air pistols for you to choose from.

Spare magazine designed for Beretta M92A1 only.

Made for Steel BB’s.


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