Bisley Gun Lubricant 30ml


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Bisley Gun Lubricant (30ml)

Keep your firearm in peak condition with Bisley’s specially formulated gun lubricant. This 30ml bottle contains a high-quality lubricant designed specifically for the moving parts and interfacing metal surfaces of your gun. Its unique formula ensures smooth operation and reduces wear on critical components, extending the life of your firearm. Importantly for air gun enthusiasts, this lubricant is non-dieseling, preventing unwanted ignition in compressed air chambers. Whether you’re maintaining a prized shotgun or servicing your trusty air rifle, Bisley’s gun lubricant offers professional-grade care in a convenient package.

Keep your firearms in top condition with our comprehensive range of maintenance and care products. From cleaning kits to lubricants and specialised tools, we offer everything you need to ensure your weapons perform at their best and last for years to come.


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