Weihrauch Moderator 1/2 UNF


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Weihrauch Moderator 1/2 UNF

Moderators and Silencers can not be shipped to home addresses via postal services. These can only be delivered by our own couriers. On delivery, we will need to see a valid Photo ID.

The Weihrauch Moderator is perfect for limiting noise and reducing sound – necessary for hunters and plinkers alike.

This lightweight moderator is built for purpose, features an inbuilt internal diffuser which means the Weihrauch Silencer diffuses air coming from the end of the barrel which would otherwise disrupt the pressure wave.

Therefore the Silencer will work to produce near whisper levels of muzzle report.

It has a 1/2 UNF Female fitting so will fit onto any barrel with a UNF threaded barrel.


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