Konus Airgun Steel Ring Mounts 9-11mm


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Konus Airgun Steel Ring Mounts

High quality steel mounting rings for riflescopes. Suitable for .22 rails and Airguns

Available in 1 inch or 30mm

Choose from Low, Medium or High

Konus Two-Piece Mounts
Heavy Duty Torx Scews
Square Recoil Lug

Saddle Height (1 inch)                              Saddle Height (30mm)

Low: 19.45mm                                             Low: 21.75mm
Medium: 22.05mm                                       Medium: 24.75mm
High: 25.45mm                                            High: 27.75mm

Recommended Objective Lens
Medium: Up to 40mm
High: Up to 56mm


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